ANC Election Candidate List Still Wreaking Havoc


Apparently, South Africa has not seen the end to the chaos caused by ANC election candidate list.

Just as residents of Tshwane are still trying to recover from a recent ANC protests over candidate list, Cape Town residents took to the streets on Wednesday night to protest against ANC election candidate list.

As residents of the Barcelona informal settlement took their anger over the African National Congress’ election candidate lists onto the freeway last night, two Golden Arrow buses were set ablaze on Cape Town’s N2 highway.

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The angry protesters stoned vehicles and blocked the road.

Police officers were deployed after the protest violence and so far, the situation has been brought under control as city of Cape Town’s JP Smith says.

“The debris was eventually removed and the tailback was curtailed. Police vehicles were deployed throughout the night to ensure that we didn’t have a repeat of the violence,” adding that two people were arrested for using the protest a an opportunity to rob motorists.

“The City’s roadblock unit arrived on the scene from where they were busy. As they arrived, between them, members of the community and the neighbourhood watch, they were able to apprehend two of the four people who engaged in these robberies. They confiscated the knives and the replica firearm.”

As a result of the protests, a section of the N2 highway in Cape Town was closed earlier. The N2 incoming was opened for public use at about 20:00 but the N2 outgoing would remain closed until the debris of the two buses on the roadway can be cleared.

Smith confirmed speculations that the protesters were unhappy about the ANC election candidate list presented for the local wards.

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“The unsuccessful candidates had mobilized the protesters,” he said.

However, ANC Western Cape spokesperson Yonela Diko said he was yet to confirm from the Councillor of Ward 40 whether the protests actually started over the party’s candidate lists process.