PAC Wants Its Prisoners Released As Part Of Coalition Deal With ANC


The African National Congress (ANC) is currently hanging by its fingers after a number of inappreciable meetings on coalition talks with opposition parties.

Seeing how the ruling party went into free-fall in the municipal elections, most opposition groups in metros where the ANC needs a coalition to govern, decided to compound their woes by tabling lots of controversial coalition requirements.

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Recall that Cope, UDM, UF, EFF demanded that the ANC recall Zuma if it wishes to form a coalition with them and that last week; the EFF demanded that “land be given back to the people” if coalition talks must get underway.

This time, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) has demanded an outright release of its political prisoners in exchange for coalition with the ANC Ekurhuleni – over 100 PAC prisoners are still in jail.

Spotted on the opposition party’s coalition requirement are prioritization of the issue of land and improved welfare services of workers.

ANC Ekurhuleni Meets PAC

The PAC spokesman, Kenneth Mokgatlhe confirmed this on Thursday after the party held a meeting with Gauteng ANC leadership on Wednesday.

“We still struggling with political prisoners; who we believe have been kept there illegally; and we had talks with the ANC (African National Congress) national leadership previously; and we never really came with fruitful results.

But we believe with this particular power that we having… we can then make them listen to our demands and release our political prisoners,” Mokgatlhe said.

The ANC Ekurhuleni needs 51% to govern the metro outright; having gathered 48.6% of the vote with 109 seats. The AIC has 1.6% of the vote with four seats while the PAC has 0.4% with one seat.

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The PAC and the African Independent Congress (AIC) remain the two parties the ANC is likely to form coalition with in Ekurhuleni; going by reports released by the opposition groups.

In the mean time, the PAC says it hopes to extensively discuss the issue during its national executive committee meeting which will hold on Sunday.