ANC Has Officially Dismissed The State Capture Allegations Against Zuma


It’s official, ANC has dismissed the State Capture Allegations against honorable Zuma.

Albeit indirectly, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe divulged that the ANC will no longer bother President Zuma about the state capture allegations against him.

Mantashe insinuated that the decision follows the lack of evidence to support the state capture claims. According to him, among the eight people who approached his office with alleged reports of state capture, only one submitted a written report. Apparently, that’s not enough.

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The secretary general said though the allegations made were serious, it’s “unfortunate that only one person could make a written submission on the matter.

When they don’t come forward to the ANC, the ANC will not force them. It doesn’t mean that we are walking away from it, but if you make allegations then you must be bold enough to take (it) through.”

Speaking on ANC decision to retain Zuma as the leader, Manthashe stated that the branches of the ANC overwhelmingly “confirmed the decision of the National Working Committee not to recall the President.

Branches emphasized the importance of unity of the movement and accepting the apology of the President must contribute to unity of the movement,” he said.

He however, encouraged the people not to be disheartened. The state capture talks by the ANC will “continue for a long time.

They cannot be treated lightly and many warrant a comprehensive investigation…The NEC also received a report on the engagements that had been undertaken with ANC structures and other stakeholders on the alleged business influence on the state…,” Manthashe remarked.

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Reacting, Refiloe Ntsekhe – DA National Spokesperson asserted that “the ANC’s decision not to pursue its probe into the blatant state capture by the Gupta family – with Jacob Zuma’s tacit consent – reveals yet again that the ANC cannot be trusted to fight corruption.

…The people of our beautiful country cannot sit back and wait for the ANC to change so that the situation will improve,” Ntsekhe said, and charged South Africans to punish the ruling party at the pools.

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