Diplomatic Posting Tears The ANC And DA Apart In Parliament


South Africa’s opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has bashed the ruling party, the Africa National Congress (ANC) for misleading honorable members and South Africans as a whole. According to the DA, the ANC has formed the habit of using South Africa’s foreign diplomatic posting as a “dumping ground for rejected MPs”.

Speaking during a debate on the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) on Tuesday, DA MP Sandy Kalyan made reference to SA’s ambassador to Mali, Chris Ngcobo, who was found to have lied about his matric; Mohau Pheko, who claimed to have a doctorate, which was found to have been reportedly obtained four years after the university closed down, and who subsequently became the ambassador to Japan.

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Kalyan added that the “fall guy” for the landing of the Gupta family’s private jet at Waterkloof Airforce Base in 2014, Bruce Kholoane, was also given a diplomatic posting in Germany. She slammed the ANC and stated what people with falsified qualification normally do is to say sorry and then their case would be swept under the carpet. She said:

“If you cheat and you lie, you only have to say sorry and you keep your job.”

Landers Contradicts Kalyans’ Diplomatic Posting Claims

But while the debate got heated, Deputy Dirco Minister Llewellyn Landers pointed out that four DA MPs were sent on diplomatic postings abroad. He mentioned the DA MPs, and they include: Tony Leon, Douglas Gibson, Sheila Camerer and Sandra Botha.

However, as the heat of the debate got strengthened, EFF MP Nazier Paulsen gave a verbal slap to DA MP Yusuf Cassim by calling him a “kafir”. The two MPs had muttered words to each other across the pews of the Old Assembly Chamber after National Freedom Party MP Shaik Emam, in his speech, accused the DA of supporting Israel and oppressing Palestinians.

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“You swore at me,” said Cassim, before the two exchanged more angry words and EFF’s Paulsen shouted: “You Zionist sell-out kafir.”

“He has used the worst profanity chairperson. He must withdraw,” Cassim replied.

After the shameful drama, chairperson Matlala Grace Boroto asked that the two MPs to submit written accounts of the exchange to the rules committee for proper investigation.