ANC Crowns DA The ‘Defenders Of Imperialism’, Hails Concourt For Halting Party’s Agenda


Zuma’s party crowned Maimane’s party the ‘defenders of imperialism’ as it welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Court to dismiss DA’s application relating to the decision of the government to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

Stressing that the Concourt decision halted DA agenda to defend imperialism, ANC asserted that the application was indeed another conceited effort by the DA to promote the “continued subjugation of Africa under the guise of ‘promoting human rights’.

In furtherance, ANC condemned the continued attempt by the DA to circumvent political processes of the Republic.

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“They actively seek to co-govern with the elected executive by using courts as platforms for pursuing mostly political positions. The dismissal of their application is thus a positive rejection of their dangerous attempt at drawing the judiciary into ideological and political contests that do not violate constitutionality.

“There is no truth to the political claim that is being peddled by the opposition that withdrawal from the Rome Statute is an affirmation of the right of despots to perpetuate human rights abuses in the continent.

“This claim reveals a moral and ideological weakness and committed defence by the perpetual defenders of imperialism suggesting that human rights protection in Africa can and should only be guaranteed on the basis of the intervention of external powers,” stated the ruling party.

With the above, Zuma’s party argued that the withdrawal from the Rome Statute is a rejection of the imperial gaze into global justice that the International Criminal Court has been systematically advancing.  It said:

“Our global political economy is laden with histories and present acts of military aggression advanced by powerful nations of the west. Their acts of direct war and sponsored militias are a widely known blemish on the global human rights agenda. Their decision not to sign into the Rome Statute still betrays a political arrogance and imperial agenda that undermines the goodwill with which African countries participated in global statutes.

“The withdrawal from the Rome Statute is not unrelated to a growing effort to establish an African Union judicial platform to pursue peace and justice in the continent. It is a crucial part of a self-conscious act on the part of Africans to accelerate the establishment of pan-African institutions that must guarantee and enforce justice on human rights matters.”

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Above all, ANC vowed that it will lead the charge to have leaders of African institutions and African countries redouble efforts to strengthen existing continental structures that protect and promote human rights.

African countries, ANC said, must speed up the establishment and resourcing of institutions that will prosecute human rights violations in pursuit of peace and stability in Africa.