Another ANC Councillor Gunned Down In Her Home


Death took another toll in the ruling party’s camp on Saturday night when a KwaZulu-Natal ANC Councillor candidate was murdered in the presence of her spouse and children.

The Newcastle Councillor Thembi Mbongo was assassinated by two unknown men in her house around 19:00. She died at the scene.

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Report added that the councillor-elect was killed hours before the ANC KZN regional branch’s meeting scheduled to hold on Sunday morning. Though the motive of the killing is still unknown, KZN provincial leaders surmise her killings might be politically motivated.

Ntul Reacts To ANC Councillor’s Death

Provincial spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntul reacted to the incidence, saying: “It’s very difficult to establish the motive at the moment because we’re not aware of any people who were following her or who were not in good terms with her.

Either within the organisation or society in general. We’re also heading to her family now, probably after meeting the family we might be able to explain.”

Ntul bewailed the rate at which the lives of ANC members in the province are wasted.

He said, “Yes of course we too are very concerned about the senseless killings of our comrades and we see it as a somehow an effort to instill fear from our own ANC volunteers and derail our victory. The pattern of killings does imply that there is some political connotation to it but it is difficult to confirm.”

In the last five years, KwaZulu-Natal has recorded the highest number of political murders.

The provincial spokesperson said the party’s regional leaders have been sent to Mbongo’s home to get more details about the incident.

The deceased, Mbongo was an elected to run for ANC councilor in Newscastle’s Ward 6 before her painful and sudden death.

Ntuli asserted last month that the tragic death of three ANC leaders assassinated within 48 hours could be the work of party insiders who hire hit men to take out their comrades.

The number of  ANC members killed in recent time has really escalated badly in the blink of an eye, putting the ANC in a difficult position that demands a great deal of soul-searching to fathom if the killings are related to internal disunity.