ANC Ward Councillor Held Hostage For Saying There’s No Water Crisis


Angry residents lured a North West ANC Councillor and held him hostage after he told a local radio station that there’s no water crisis in their village reports Sowetan Live.

The Councillor – Andy Montsho reportedly angered residents of Verdwaal near Lichtenburg when he, as a guest on Mmabatho Community Radio station on Monday night, voiced that all is well with water supply in his ward.

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After that, the residents invited Montsho to a community hall for a meeting the next day. He arrived only to be bundled and locked up inside the compound of the community hall.

The angry residents torched 23 water tanks outside the community hall demanding of the Councillor to explain why he broadcast-ed that the village is not having water issues and to tell when the village will get to have good, clean water.

Speaking, community leader Sam Mosiatlhaga disclosed that the community has lived without water for more than seven years. And about the ward Councillor he said; “we’ve been keeping him hostage since this morning and we are going to sleep here; he is not going anywhere until he gives us water.”

As reported, the ward Councillor was “visibly shaken” when he commented that the scarcity of water in the village wasn’t his fault. “”I am trying to help them, I am hungry and they do not want to release me,” Montsho said.

He narrated that the water problem in the community worsened a year ago after a contractor who was hired by the Ngaka Modiri district municipality to fix boreholes and water pipes in the area disappeared and left the work half-done.

“The contractor told me that the municipality did not pay him, so he left the job half-done,” the ward Councillor said and stated – “we have at least one working borehole but it cannot supply villagers with water because the pipes are broken.”

Meanwhile the provincial ANC spokesman Diale Kgantsi related that the ANC strongly condemned “the torching of the water tanks and the hostage of the Councillor.

Our people should learn that irrespective of how serious their problems may be, they cannot burn or break the very same tools that they expect water to come from.”

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