ANC Condemns #ZumaMustFall March As A Racist Move


It’s not news to hear that the ANC are not in support of anything that might endanger Zuna’s position as the president of South Africa or even the position of the ANC as the ruling party. In reaction to the nationwide march against Zuma yesterday, the ANC has released a statement saying that those who were involved in the march are racist and were only pretending to fight for democracy even though they could not co-exist in a democratic, non-racial South Africa.

The party went on to say that the turn out for the #ZumaMustFall march on Wednesday was an affirmation that President Jacob Zuma’s decision to appoint Pravin Gordhan as minister of finance was generally accepted by South Africans. According to what ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, told News24,

What is notable in these marches is that they are organised by a few groups of people who seem not to be interested about fiscal policies of the country,”

They’ve got other interests, such as regime change, and they harbour racist hatred.”

Kodwa explained that the ANC has noted how some of the people who turned out for the march were carrying the old South African flag which was a reflection of what the marches were truly about.

Thousands of protesters were reported to have marched in different cities including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, George and many others who camped outside Parliament chanting #ZumaMustFall.

It is a popular believe that even though Zuma has not been a favorite with the general public it was his act of firing Finance Minister Nene and replacing him with David Van Rooyen last week that finally brought the people to a united front against him.

There was a public outcry and calls for Zuma to be recalled over the move, which saw the rand reach record lows. However, four days after the announcement, Zuma backtracked on his decision and replaced David with Gordhan as finance minister, which saw the rand recover somewhat.

Kodwa said those who marched on Wednesday were pretending to be fighting for democracy, yet they could not co-exist in a democratic, non-racial South Africa.

“It’s not genuine and it’s hypocritical, given the call and the people who are behind these marches.”

The ANC welcomed the fact that many people had not attended what it called the “racist agenda” of #ZumaMustFall. But on the good part, after Gordhan took over, the Rand has recovered a bit still has a long way to go before it is in the right place and before the economy goes back to steady.

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