Northern Cape Reshuffle: ANC Labels Premier Lucas A Judas


The Africa National Congress (ANC) in a statement on Northern Cape reshuffle labelled Premier Sylvia Lucas a betrayer. 

According to the ruling party, it’s uncool for the Northern Cape Premier to reshuffle her cabinet without any consultation with the ANC.

Like President Zuma, Premier Lucas unexpectedly reshuffled her cabinet and axed those regarded as her opponents.

The sudden reshuffling of the cabinet the Premier announced on Wednesday, saw the dismissal of cabinet members who have established a reputation as her political opponents. Lucas replaced the cabinet members with individuals recognised as her followers.

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Reacting to Lucas’ reshuffling of her cabinet, the ruling party stated thus:

“The African National Congress notes with disbelief actions of the Northern Cape Premier, Comrade Sylvia Lucas, to reshuffle her cabinet without any consultation with the ANC…

We view this as a flagrant abuse of her office to further divide the ANC and undermine the unity of the organisation.

Her unbridled arrogance is a betrayal of trust with the ANC – the organisation that deployed her as Premier.”

With the above, ANC reaffirmed its 52nd National Conference resolution which stipulated that consultation with the ANC structures on matters of deployment is a principle of the organisation and not a favour.Our

“Our deployees must desist from misusing their deployment to deepen divisions in the ANC,” cautioned South Africa’s ruling party.

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Meanwhile, ANC upheld that the North Gauteng High Court order for President Zuma to disclose records explaining the reason he made changes to his cabinet is an “unfettered encroachment of the judiciary into the realm of the executive.”

ANC said the court order pandered “to the whims of the opposition who want to co-govern with the popularly elected government.”

“The Constitution confers upon the President powers to constitute his Cabinet without imposing an obligation upon him to consult opposition parties in the exercise of this discretionary function.

“To read into the Constitution that the President must explain himself on the composition of the National Executive to the opposition is to use the judiciary to police political decisions and sets a very worrisome precedent.

“The appointment of Ministers and Deputies, as well as reshuffling of Cabinet, is a discretionary and political decision of the President of the Republic derived from the Constitution, hence we urge the President to appeal this judgment,” ANC stated.

President Zuma hearkened to ANC’s counsel. It emerged yesterday that he filed a court application to appeal the decision of the court.