ANC Challenges EFF To Publish Names Of 2,000 ANC Defectors


As the much-awaited local government elections draw closer, power tussles among top political parties in the state have been on the increase. Be that as it may, it is also obvious that top political parties have perfected plans towards amassing millions of votes from the electorates.

This time, the ANC in Mpumalanga has dared the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to release the names of defectors after the latter purported that 2,000 ANC members defected to the EFF.

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Every politically-minded person knows that if EFF’s claim is true, then it is a tell-tale sign that doom lurks around the corridor of the ruling party (ANC).

As it stands, the ANC doesn’t want to take chances nor see their supporters lose confidence in them. For this reason, they have openly challenged the leadership of the EFF, daring them to produce the names of ANC members who defected to the EFF.

ANC provincial secretary Mandla Ndlovu threw the challenge on Thursday, on hearing that the EFF publicized that more than 2,000 ANC members joined the EFF in the Nkomazi region.

Ndlovu further argued that losing 2,000 members to the EFF is like building castle in the air because Nkomazi is one of ANC’s strong tents.

He said:

It is not true that we have got members that are leaving the ANC. It is not right that we can lose 2,000 ANC members in Nkomazi; that is our stronghold. We want to see the list of the names of those people. They are not from the ANC.

Ndlovu however posited that only disgruntled and aimless ANC leaders were joining the EFF and that such leaders left the ANC because “they do not want to be led, and they want to lead”.

Meanwhile, Julius Malema’s party has countered Ndlovu’s claim, insisting that over 2,000 ANC members have been accepted as EFF members.

Speaking, EFF provincial leader Collen Sedibe affirmed that there were ANC members in EFF now and that he knew they were ANC members because he has served in the ANC before.

“Former ANC members who joined us are more than 2,000 in KaMhlushwa but the number has since increased.

“On Tuesday and [Wednesday] we went there to find others, which led to the number reaching 2,700. This means we are growing and are forced to commit. This tells you that we are ready to govern and we are indeed a government in waiting,” said Sedibe.

News 24 reports that a former Chief WhipThomas Lubisi at the Nkomazi local municipality is one of the ANC defectors. According to Lubisi, he left ANC because they received diverse punishments because of their democratic views.

“Yes it is true that I have joined the EFF. I had been a member of the [ANC] Regional Executive Committee from 2006 to 2008. This thing started during that era [2008 and 2009] when new leadership took over.

“This started when we supported comrade Lassy Chiwayo to take over as chairperson of the ANC in Mpumalanga. From there we could not come back as we looked like we are not ANC members.

“As you know, members that are joining EFF from ANC are doing so because there is no space in the ANC. They backbench you from the branch and gate-keep you so that you cannot be available to serve,” said Lubisi.

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