ANC Admits Candidate Selection System Is Flawed


As some parts of the country experience intense unrest over the selection of candidates for the August 3 elections, African National Congress (ANC) national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa suggests the need for the party to review its candidate selection system to avoid a repetition of such conflicts in communities.

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At an event organised by the ANC Youth League in KwaZulu-Natal, Kodwa regrettably acknowledged the fact that the party’s candidate selection system has led to violent protests across the country which suggests that the process adopted in the selection is faulty.

He called on the party to review the system lest it destroys the party as a whole.

“That’s why there is an issue of lists, people fighting over candidates and so on. We are learning and we will perfect our system as we go along, but we always seek to deepen democracy.

That’s why you see the nomination starts from the branch and so on. I have no doubt in my mind that we must review that system, it is hurting the ANC and it is hurting it deeply. We are dealing with situations throughout the country.”

The announcement of ANC mayoral candidates for the 2016 local government elections was met with violent protests by those who believe that the selected candidates will not make things any better for the ailing provincial municipalities.

EFF’s Betty Diale says the list was everything they expected from the ANC.

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“We don’t expect any improvements whatsoever in the municipalities. In any case, we can say as the EFF that we will be taking over most of these positions in the local government, the ANC will not have a chance.”

“We are also very much concerned with Kenneth Kaunda district. We have Barei Segotso using her power within the Tlokwe municipality whereby people could not have a meeting.”

On another note, Joe Mcgluwa of the DA says the candidates selected by the ANC  have questionable track records.