Long Live ANC! It Has Claimed 13 Of The 15 Contested Wards


The African National Congress (ANC) is appreciative of the continued support by the people of South Africa as demonstrated in the by-elections.

ANC welcomed the result of the by-elections held yesterday in over 15 wards countrywide stating that the people have reaffirmed their support for the ANC, ensuring that the party won 13 of the 15 contested wards.

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To the ANC, the results restressed a continued confidence by the electorate in the ANC and its program of fundamental socio-economic transformation.

“We are deeply thankful to the thousands of South Africans who continue to express the loudest voice that the ANC remains their only political home. Their confidence in the ANC has not, is not and will never be taken for granted.

“To us, retaining control of the 13 wards, means we need to continue accelerating our efforts in dealing with challenges facing our people – acting faster to create jobs, fight crime and deal decisively with corruption,” stated the ruling party.

With that, Zuma’s party indicated that it is gravely concerned about the low turnout of voters in the elections, and others before the present. To the party, it is worrisome that the statistics released by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) showed that only 42 368 votes were cast out of the 97,385 registered population.

Thereafter ANC bragged that it has for 105 years, been working with the people and led the struggle for the liberation of all the people of South Africa in which they can all, black or white, enjoy the constitutional right to elect the government of their choice.

“Many sacrificed their lives for the right to vote. We should never fail them by staying away from voting. We are disappointed at the loss of Ward 10 in Polokwane to the opposition. We will continue to work closely with the people to ensure that the Ward returns to the hands of the liberation movement,” added the ANC.

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Above all, ANC expressed its appreciation to its committed volunteers who worked tirelessly ahead of the elections to ensure Its victory. The party also congratulated the IEC for delivering free, fair and credible elections.