‘We Are Mopping The Mess Mbeki Left’ – Manthashe


ANC blames Mbeki for ANC’s troubles. This is contained in a statement by Secretary General Gwede Mantashe.

He tongue-lashed the former President, Thabo Mbeki, and insinuated that he’s the creator of the the crisis rampaging the ruling party. In Mantashe’s word; “we are mopping the mess that was left by them (Mbeki’s regime),” Mail&Guardian reports.

Already, certain political analysts have inferred that former President Mbeki is to be blamed for Jacob Zuma’s emergence as the leader of the nation.

These analyst analogized that Zuma, prior to his emergence as President, garnered support from ANC members as a protest against Mbeki’s government, and not because he (Zuma) is blessed with the attributes of a good leader.

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As such, Mantashe’s claim begs the question – What mess is he referring to? Is he hinting at his deep-seated, but camouflaged opinion about the present President’s leadership style? Is he saying what he’s not saying or merely saying what he said?

You’ll have to decide which, is the case for your self. To help you, here’s what Mantashe said. He blames Mbeki as the source of the present crisis in ANC.

To him, Mbeki’s criticism of the present ANC government, is “part of their denial-ism, that they leave a mess we are mopping it up, they say we are in denial. I don’t want to get into that space. I leave it to people who are courageous enough to get into that space.”

Nonetheless, the secretary general asserted that the present government championed great innovations that moved the nation ahead, and pointed out that the media ignored the innovations.

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“Any good story from the ANC is not newsworthy. Anything that is seen as undermining the ANC is newsworthy. It is like that here, and it is like that in every country in the region.

The media position itself to resuscitate opposition to the liberation movements. It’s an issue that worries us. In southern Africa, the west has bankrolled the anti-government media houses,” argued Mantashe.