KZN ANC And EFF At Loggerheads Over The “Zupta Is A Thief” Slogan On ANC Billboard


KZN ANC says the Fighters (EFF) are responsible for the #Zupta isela (Zupta is a thief) slogan painted in red above an image of Honorable Jacob Zuma on an ANC election billboard.

As culled from a Sowetan Live report, Mhlaba Memela the spokesperson of ANC in KZN said the leadership of the region has commenced probing the vandalism. They’re yet to open a case with the police regarding the issue, Memela disclosed and stated that the EFF are the prime suspect of the crime.

“This is not the first time that this has happened. Last month in the Richards Bay area‚ our posters on street poles were destroyed and defaced by EFF members.

They pasted their posters over the ANC posters. That case is still with the police and the evidence is out there that it was the EFF.

This time‚ it’s obvious that it was the EFF that defaced the billboard.

It’s not just the colour of the paint but the language that was used. Zupta and thief are part of the language they use to show their hatred for the president.

We haven’t taken down the billboard. We are waiting for leadership to advise what we should do,” Memela related.

Although it’s known to all that red is symbolic to the EFF and that they coined the ‘Zupta’ word to kick against the state capture issues involving the Guptas and Zumas, the EFF denied defacing the ANC billboard.

Reacting, Jackie Shandu the spokesperson of EFF in KZN commented that it’s shocking the EFF is accused as responsible for the ‘#Zupta isela’ slogan without any evidence.

To Shandu, “all South Africans who are opposed to a president that has been proved to be a thief and to be in pockets of business people think of him like that.”

“Zupta is not only our language” he said, it “is how all South Africans of conscience and principle across racial and class lines speak because everyone is against the conduct of the president,” Shandu argued.

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