ANC Accepts Defeat In Nelson Mandela Bay


The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has finally accepted IEC’s report that declared the Democratic Alliance (DA) winner of the Nelson Mandela Bay election.

As a sign of conceding to defeat, the ANC withdrew its complaint to the IEC regarding the outcome of elections in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro which includes includes the city of Port Elizabeth, the party’s Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu said.

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ANC’s spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said on Friday that the party has come to term with the IEC as the commission has made necessary explanations about the election outcomes at the area of the country’s Eastern Cape Province.

“We… raised issues in the context of free and fair elections with the IEC. The IEC has come back to us in terms of the issues we had raised,” Kodwa said,

“All we needed was an explanation of certain things that we have raised, of allegations of irregularities. Those things have been explained to us. We are in the process of considering the withdrawal and we are satisfied with the explanation of the IEC.”

The Independent Electoral Commission stated on its website on Friday that the Democratic Alliance had 46.65 percent of the vote in municipal elections while the ANC had 40.99 percent.

Aggrieved by the fact that it has lost hold of a metro like Nelson Madela Bay, the party lodged complaint to the electoral commission for proper clarification.

“We will not lie and say that we are not worried when we lose a metro like Nelson Mandela Bay,” ANC regional task team convener Bheza Ntshona briefed the media  at the IEC results centre in the region on Thursday.

According to Mthembu, the ANC lost because the DA had managed to get its supporters to go out and vote.

“We looked at the nature of the dispute, and decided we should withdraw it and continue with our lives and accept that we have lost Nelson Mandela Bay.

“We are not happy about the turn out in ANC strongholds, we did not manage to get our people and our voters to come out in their thousands and vote.

“That explains the phenomenon of Nelson Mandela Bay. We have more wards there but we still lost Nelson Mandela Bay to the DA,” said Mthembu.

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On Thursday night, DA leader Mmusi Maimane claimed victory, saying his party projected that it would win 47% of the votes in the metro.

The ANC  however, still  remained significantly ahead across the country with an overall vote of 54,8 percent to the DA and EFF’s 26,51 percent 7,94 percent respectively.

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