Ananias Mathe’s Lifeless Body Under Heavy Guard


Even in death, South Africans believe Mozambican prisoner Ananias Mathe could escape if an opportunity knocks.

Reports reaching BuzzSouthAfrica had it that the lifeless body of Mathe is being heavily guarded by scores of warders.

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It was gathered that the handing over of his body to his family from the Gale Street government mortuary in Durban, KZN caused some delay as some people who visited the mortuary were told to hold on until the body of the slipperiest prisoner South Africa had ever seen is removed.

It is understood that some of the warders would be escorting Ananias Mathe’s lifeless body to Mozambique.

Mathe, a Mozambique national, died on Tuesday evening, December 27, at King Edward VII Hospital in Durban, just three days after he was brought in for an operation. Reports had it that Mathe began complaining of stomach problems in December.

Afterwards, he was treated at the prison’s hospital but his condition continued to deteriorate. He was then taken to the Usher Memorial Hospital in Kokstad and was subsequently referred to Edendale Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, where he underwent an operation.

Mathe was convicted of 64 charges, including rape, attempted rape, attempted murder, robbery and theft.

The notorious criminal made headlines in 2006 when he managed to escape from Pretoria’s C-Max prison by covering his body with petroleum jelly and sliding out of his cell window. Though he was caught a month later, his escape, however, cost six prison warders their jobs.

Shortly after his death, South Africans took to Twitter to celebrate the death of the country’s slipperiest criminal, who was dubbed “The Prison Breaker” or “King Vaseline”.

A social media user wrote: “He may be faking his death, you never know with this one.” Another suggested that Ananias Mathe’s lifeless body “should be handcuffed in the mortuary”. Others wished he would rot in hell.

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Meanwhile, the state is still carrying out a forensic investigation as it believes his death wasn’t normal.

Mathe truly made headlines when he escaped the walls of C-Max prisons but he failed to escape the walls of 2016.