List of Nandi Mbatha’s Boyfriends – Past and Present

There are rumors that Nandi Mbatha is currently dating Tank The Rockstar. Before then she was involved with a handful of other men, including Tellaman, Mpho Motsi, and Naak MusiQ.

Nandi Mbatha apparently loves the feeling of love and being treated to dates. Since the actress stepped onto the scene, she has dated a couple of South African celebrities in a bid to find true love and a long-term relationship. Nandi’s high-profile love interests all kept her in the spotlight; from her time with Tellaman to the last celebrity she dated, it was easy to tell she was in love.

Mbatha is still very much available on the dating radar as she has since moved on from her heartbreakers. The actress is rumored to be seeing someone she is more compatible with. Though she hasn’t said much about her relationship (both past and present), it appears she and her new beau are head over heels in love with each other.

Nandi Mbatha Has Dated Different Celebrities Since She Rose To Prominence

Finding true love in the celebrity world is like looking for a needle in a haystack, with only a couple of celebrities ever meeting the perfect one for them. Nandi Mbatha loves the dating game and has been having fun with it since she became known within the celebrity circle. Although she has had her fair share of ups and downs in the relationship game, she appears to be ready to play along until she finds the perfect partner.

The actress has had several failed relationships in the past, but it appears she’s not ready to give up on love. The names of the South African celebrities the actress has reportedly been with in the past include Naak MusiQ, Tellaman, and Mpho Motsi.

At the moment, she is rumored to be dating the son of one of the country’s most successful music artists. The two have been going strong together, but the big question remains – will their relationship stand the test of time or end abruptly like the previous ones?

Here are all you need to know about the actress’s relationship with the under-listed high-profile individuals.

1. Tellaman

  • Full name: Thelumusa Samuel Owen
  • Date of Birth: April 14, 1991
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Record Producer.
An Interesting List of Nandi Mbatha’s Boyfriends - Past and Present
Image Source

Fans of Nandi Mbatha and Tellaman were excited when they found out that the celebrities were in a relationship. Their relationship initially began as a rumor, but as time progressed, precisely in May 2019, Tellaman decided to do the needful by putting speculations about his assumed relationship with the much-loved Isithembiso actress to rest.

Tellman took to Instagram and shared Mbatha’s picture with the caption: “I’m Glad”. Their fans quickly concluded that the two are actually an item after the post went viral. Unfortunately, the lovebirds called it quits after some months together. Sources have it that the pair decided to go their separate ways because Tellaman couldn’t create time for their relationship, and Nandi simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Tellaman, a successful singer-songwriter, often moves around the world for musical shows and other activities. The music artist’s chill vibes are what attracted the actress to him. Again, his energy also helped her manage her anxiety. The actress was diagnosed with anxiety in 2009 and has been taking pills three times a week to remain calm.

Nevertheless, the pair’s breakup is still pure speculation as neither the sensational singer nor Mbatha has revealed why they separated as friends. It’s not clear if the two are still friends, and how amicable their breakup was.

2. Mpho Motsi

  • Year of Birth: 1996
  • Occupation: Creative at Quiteria Atelier

The South African actress’s relationship with Motsi was the briefest of all her relationships. The two hooked up just a few months after she parted ways with Tellaman. The actress’s path crossed with that of Motsi the day she came for fittings at Quiteria Atelier studio. The two got talking, and it turned that they share a lot of things in common. From there, the pair became close and started seeing each other.

Their relationship, however, turned sour after Quiteria repudiates the release of Mbatha’s photoshoot images, which she wanted to use for her portfolio. The actress was disappointed in the long run, and it ended up impacting her relationship with Mpho, who is the junior creative director of the elite fashion brand Quiteria Atelier.

A lot is still not known about the pair’s short-lived relationship, which abruptly came to an end in early 2020. To date, none of them has opened up about why they called off their relationship, how amicable it was, and if they are still friends. Mpho is the man on the right in the Instagram picture above.

3. Naak MusiQ

  • Full name: Anga Makubalo
  • Date of Birth: May 28, 1987
  • Occupation: Musical Artist
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Nandi Mbatha kept things a bit quiet and peaceful after she walked away from her second boyfriend. Not long after, she was linked to New Brighton, Port Elizabeth-born celebrity singer cum actor Anga Makubalo, professionally known as Naak MusiQ. The two kept their relationship on a lowkey to the point that none of them acknowledged the numerous reports about them or at least refute the claims.

The public became convinced that they were an item after the actress shared a picture of a masked up man with a leg tattoo that looks similar to that of Anga. They further connected the dots after the singer posted a picture of himself in the same outfit he wore on Nandi’s pictures.

An Interesting List of Nandi Mbatha’s Boyfriends - Past and Present
Image Source

Information about how the two met and where exactly their paths crossed is a mystery. However, it was alleged that they met on set and that Nandi Mbatha kept Anga in the friend zone before they eventually became lovers.

Naak and the Isithembiso actress parted ways in late 2020 for undisclosed reasons. Some sources claim the singer wanted to focus more on his music career, but the music star hasn’t said anything about their separation. The two have since unfollowed and deleted each other’s pictures on Instagram.

Mbatha was allegedly thrown out of the musician’s house after their separation, and she had no choice but to put up with a friend somewhere. Many people came to believe that she and Anga had separated after the actress trash-talked men adding that they do not take women seriously.

Nandi Mbatha Is Rumored To Be Dating Tank The Rockstar

Nandi Mbatha has been recently linked to DJ Tira’s son, Tank The Rockstar. None of them has confirmed if they are an item or not, but they have been posting pictures of themselves on each other’s Instagram wall.

Their Instagram posts have continued to spark dating rumors, but the couple has chosen to keep their fans in the dark about what they are up to. Tank The Rockstar, whose real name is Junior Khathi, is a fast-rising rapper. He is the son of renowned South African musical artist DJ Tira.

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