An Inside Look At MaMkhize House She Shared With Sbu Mpisane

Shauwn Mkhize is a very wealthy woman, and she doesn’t make a secret of that. She was previously married to Sbu Mpisane for many years before the two got divorced, having enjoyed so much that money could buy and maybe more. Better known as MaMkhize, she lived together with her husband in a mansion that has been a topical property for years, and it continues to sustain even as they are since divorced.

For someone who is a lover of Louis Vuitton and large houses, this mansion is not the only property she has to her name, but this has seen A-list stars through the years, hosted many big parties, and has continued to expand since the moment it was bought as the then-couple were always eager to add to its size and elegance by buying adjoining properties. Of late, the attention that the mansion has attracted seems to have died down a little, but the property is still standing tall and beautiful.

Known Features of The Property

  • An entertainment pad
  • Showroom for cars, which had more than 60 cars
  • 24 hours security presence
  • It is a triple story property
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Many bedrooms
  • Guest sections

The History Of The Mansion As MaMkhize’s House Dates Back To 1995

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Located in the wealthy area of La Lucia in Durban, the house was reportedly repurchased by the couple in the mid-1990s. The exact amount the flamboyant businesswoman spent acquiring the property is unknown, but the property was still a magnificent piece to the sigh, even at that time.

In 2008, it was valued to be worth R17 million, and by 2013, the La Lucia mansion was valued at  R25 million. The property has very tall fences and a security system that is active at all times of the day and night.

Apart from the fact that it was bought in 1995, other historical facts about the property, including those who have previously owned it and the building process, have not been revealed.

The Property Has Continued To Experience Expansion

Into the 2000s, the family decided to expand the mansion by buying two more adjoining properties, then making a part of the house. By 2007, MaMkhize made the property even bigger by spending R3.5 million buying another adjoining property and further expanding her massive mansion.

One would think spending R3.5 million would mean the newly acquired property would be used for something other than a showroom for the family’s many cars, but that was exactly what it was used for. Among the cars on display at the showroom were a Porsche Turbo, a Ferrari, and an Aston Martin, among various others.

R2.9 million became the next amount tabled by the couple in 2014 to acquire another property close to theirs. As soon as they got the property, they pulled it down and spent another R2 million to build what they termed as a teenage pad for their son, Andile. The area was built to serve as an entertainment area for their young son to relax with his friends.

What is fascinating about the property they bought to convert into an entertainment pad for their son is the report that it was initially priced at R2.5 million. However, the couple decided to pay R2.9 million instead.

MaMkhize Has Hosted Many Celebrities In The Mansion

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Since it became the property of Shauwn Mkhize, it has continued to grace A-list celebrities who were always invited for end-of-the-year parties and other occasions by the family. Such invitations have reduced in recent years, but it has added to the property’s fame.

During the 16th birthday celebration of her son Andile, MaMkhize invited some big names in the country’s music industry to the mansion, including Nasty C, who performed at the party, and  Babes Wodumo.

After the property was featured in her highly acclaimed reality TV show, kwaMamMkhize on Mzanzi Magic, it attracted the attention of South Africans on social media, many of whom praised her for being able to achieve such a feat as a black woman.

MaMkhize Maintains The Mansion Through Her Many Involvements In Business

Considering electricity charges, the family pays a massive R25,000 per month for one of her houses in Johannesburg. There is no doubt that she spends hundreds of thousands of rands maintaining her La Lucia mansion each month for security, electricity, and other utility bills.

Maintaining the property and her mansions has not been a problem for Mkhize, who has a net worth estimated at more than R300 million rand. She can acquire such a fortune through her numerous businesses, including the Zikhulise Group of companies, which she is listed alongside her former husband as the founders.

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However, it was reported that the founder of the company was the late ANC councilor, Dumazile Flora Mkhize, who was Shauwn’s mother. After the death of the former, Shauwn got to inherit the company, and she built it into more than a billion rand company, earning her a place among the richest women in South Africa.

She has attracted many tenders, including the following:

  • An R482 million tender to build 2825 low-cost houses in Umlazi
  • An R176 million deal to build 1980 houses
  • R13.9 million-contract for the refurbishing of Truro House
  • An R26.9 million contract for the building of Molweni Primary School
  • A contract to build a clinic in Inanda valued at R21 million

She also makes money to maintain her mansion from her Zikhulise Cleaning, Maintenance, and Transport company and through her reality TV show, which has gained praise both in South Africa and other parts of the world, including the United States.

The La Lucia Mansion Is Not The Only Property Belonging To The Family

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Although the house is a major asset, it is not the only one owned by MaMkhize’s family. They have several mansions in Sandton, including 4, which were valued at more than R20 million. The four properties became a subject of contention early in 2021, with reports that the businesswoman and her son were facing eviction from the properties for failing to pay the necessary installments that added up to more than R3.2 million.

It was reported that the seller of the properties, Yaron Peretz, approached the courts and requested an order to evict the businesswoman and her son, who were listed as respondents in the case. MaMkhize and her son bought the four properties for R8.25 million, R3.95 million, R2 million, and R5.25 million, respectively.

Andile was supposed to pay R2 million as the first installment but only managed to pay R1.59 million, and he failed to make the second payment of R560 000. This added their arrears to over R3.2 million, and that’s why the seller wanted to evict MaMkhize and Andile Mpisane after claiming to have made various appeals to get them to pay for the properties. Since then, no further details were made available in the public domain regarding the case.

Shauwn MaMkhize Retained The Property After Her Divorce From Sbu Mpisane

Shauwn Mkhize and Sbu (Image Source)

Before 2018, Shauwn and her then-husband, Sbu Mpisane, seemed to be a happy couple, having been married for more than two decades. However, following an accident that their daughter suffered, the businesswoman filed a divorce from her husband, leaving many to wonder what actually happened. By the time she filed for the divorce, they were said to have lived separately for a while. The couple’s son would later spill the tea on his father when he revealed that the marriage failed because his father would not leave the cheating lane. He also revealed that his father was also gossiping against his mother, questioning his loyalty.

On her part, Shauwn revealed that the marriage ended because Sbu loved himself too much, and she also loved him but lost herself in the process. Sbu insisted that his ex-wife was the self-obsessed one. Whatever the reason behind the end of the marriage, the two were drawn in a divorce legal battle as Mpisane made some requests that were deemed to be outrageous by some. He reportedly requested that his ex-wife put him on a monthly salary of R200,000 to serve his maintenance, which he was lucky to get. The money he requested was separate from the close to R600,000 he earned from his wife as a monthly salary.

Amidst all these, there was no public dispute regarding the couple’s massive mansion, which went to MaMkhize, who is the director of all the family’s businesses and the richer one between the two. In fact, when they got married, Sbu was a police officer who had got many wondering how he was able to afford the luxurious lifestyle he enjoyed on a salary of only R15,000 a month. It was later revealed that MaMkhize agreed to a community of property marriage, something that many of her followers faulted, as they felt it would have been in her best interest to separate her finances from that of her husband.

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