Watch: Indore’s 91-Year-Old Dr Bhakti Who Has Been Treating Patients For Free Since 1948


While others search for the usual 9-5 jobs so that they can make a lot of money out of it and take care of the needs, a 91-year-old doctor – Dr Bhakti have been selflessly treating patients without demanding for payment in return.

Dr Bhakti Yadav who is the first female MBBS doctor from Indore has helped a lot of women deliver thousands of babies without demanding any fees in return.

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The 91-year-old doctor who is a gynaecologist has been treating her female patients for free since her 68 years in the profession which started since 1948.

Because of the constraints that comes with old age, Dr Bhakti cannot afford to treat as many patients as she would like to now, but her service and treatment to her patients is still something to commend.

She treats her patients in a special way like her own and gives them the best medical treatment possible. Women from MP and UP visit Dr Bhakti for their treatments.

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Though language may be a barrier but you can’t help but marvel at the sight of Bhakti Yadav in this Zee News video.

She seems excited as she talks about her profession passionately while making reference to the attitude of present generation doctors and how they don’t even treat their patients from their heart, no emotional attachment whatsoever. A good number of them become doctors for the sole purpose of making money.

Watching Dr Bhakti as she handles her patients with so much dedication will tell you that there are still some selfless people in this world who don’t do their jobs for the sole purpose of earning money but to help people.