Alleged Top Sar’s Secret Dossier: The Truth Will Surface Soon – Journalist Max du Preez


Veteran journalist Max du Preez wrote in his column that the main key to the SARS hostility towards Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is a dossier at Sars headquarters containing dynamite allegations of corruption, fraud, front companies and foreign bank accounts against prominent benefactors of President Jacob Zuma.

He further claimed that “Several billions of rands are at stake and Zuma would be extremely embarrassed if the alleged dossier were to be acted upon. It could well open him up to prosecution and/or to a massive income tax bill – at least for evading donations tax.”

The dauntless journalist Preez claimed that the top-secret dossier is being housed in a safe at SA Revenue Services (SARS} headquarters. He further alleged that the documents appeared during Pravin Gordhan’s administration at Sars and were eventually given to Sars new commissioner, Tom Moyane.

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The journalist maintained that “he was told that the minister of State Security and Zuma loyalist, David Mahlobo, had personally involved himself with the safeguarding of the dossier and that at least one member of the ANC Top Six was briefed on the contents of the dossier.”

Still from his write up, Preez revealed that among the Zuma friends investigated by the Sars controversial investigations unit were filthy-wealthy businessmen Thoshan Panday of KwaZulu-Natal and Jen Chih Robert Huang, a Taiwanese citizen operating in South Africa.

Reports said Huang is Zuma’s nephew Khulubuse’s close business associate and is a pivotal intermediary between South African and Chinese business interests.

Speaking more to News 24, Preez is not worried about Sars denial on the issue because he never expected otherwise. “I did not expect the present Sars leadership to do anything else than deny the existence of this dossier,” Du Preez told News24.

Responding to Preez’s allegation, the SA Revenue Services and the Secret Security Agency denied knowing about his claims. They further reiterated that  Preez’s claims holds no water and aS such, it’s “baseless”.

Also speaking to News 24, Sars spokesperson Luther Lebelo said to the best of his best knowledge, such dossier doesn’t exist.

State Security spokesperson Brian Dube also denied any knowledge of the dossier and said the department would “not comment on baseless allegations”.

However, the journalist said he couldn’t have come up with hearsay stories or allegations because the matter in question is a sensitive one.

“I have been a journalist for more than thirty years and I have never had to apologise or correct any of the pieces I wrote. When I write about a sensitive matter such as this involving among others the president of the country, I make doubly sure that I’m not just reporting rumour or innuendo,” Preez asserted.

In conclusion, the daring writer is positive that the truth will speak out very soon. “I have no doubt that the truth will surface soon,” he said.

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