All Hail Mugabe! He’ll Be Feeding 4 Million School Kids


Mugabe cares! He’s not the heartless old tyrant leader who doesn’t care about the welfare of his people as wildly believed. There’s goodness in him, just that it’s probably, hidden where the world can’t find it. Following the El-Nino-induced drought which brought excessive hardship to Zimbabweans, Mugabe’s government introduced a National Schools Feeding Scheme to feed an estimated four million pupils.

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The Cabinet has approved a $200 million National Schools Feeding Scheme. As such, “school children will receive sadza, beans or vegetables for lunch, while porridge will be served for breakfast,” The Sunday Mail reported.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that priority will be given to students in provinces worst affected by the drought, and that the feeding scheme is set to commence when the second term of 2016 school year begins.

Professor Paul Mavhima, the Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister revealed that the feeding scheme will continue even after the drought as there are plans to make it a permanent feature in the country’s education.

Speaking, professor Mavhima said “government has approved a $199 million for the National Schools Feeding Scheme. This means we will receive a portion of the amount that will be raised from the Emergency Food Relief program currently underway.

The criteria of the age groups will depend on the food that we would have received. We will obviously start with the infants and provinces that are hard-hit by the drought…we want two meals per day but we will start with one meal,” Mavhima related.

Similarly, Zim’s Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare Minister – Prisca Mupfumira commented that “the schools feeding program will commence in May and (that) it will be for the infants from Grade 0 to 2. We will be moving to other grades with time as we target vulnerable children,” Mupfumira added.

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