All About Schalk Bezuidenhout, His Girlfriend Mica McKechnie and Their Engagement

Schalk Bezuidenhout is a South African actor currently living his best life, with a successful career and a beautiful and supportive girlfriend who understands him and his job. Schalk is also a comedian; his lockdown laugh series during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown did so much in helping people deal with boredom and emotional stress that staying indoors all day could cause. Still, surprisingly, comedy was never his first choice career path.

The South African entertainer always wanted to be an actor, and his love for acting inspired his choice for the course he studied in the tertiary institution. Life seems fair to Schalk as he has been able to build his acting career while also doing comedy – not everyone gets to enjoy such privilege. Oftentimes, it’s either you get the career you want or what life throws at you, so having both and being successful at them is a great achievement.

Schalk Bezuidenhout Studied Drama At The University Of Cape Town

The 30-year-old South African comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout was born on the 22nd of April 1992 at Kempton Park, South Africa, before his parents – whose identity and information are currently unavailable – moved the family to Gauteng.

What we know about his father is that he was a teacher at Hoërskool Jeugland, the same school Schalk Bezuidenhout attended. His mother, who is proud of all her son’s achievements, stores his career items like his paintings and awards in the house, creating what looks like a mini-Schalk Bezuidenhout museum.

While in high school, Schalk Bezuidenhout always knew he wanted to be an actor. He did not waste any time applying for admission to study Drama at the University of Cape Town immediately after matriculating from high school. He was hoping that he would be able to land major acting jobs where he would play a comic character with a degree, and fortunately for him, his dream became a reality.

Schalk Bezuidenhout Is An Actor And Comedian

While in high school, it was already obvious that Schalk Bezuidenhout was made for greatness. At the age of 17, he was already so good at making people laugh that he landed his first comedy job at Rock Paradise Strip Club in Kempton Park, where he grew up.

But even with his inborn talent to make people laugh, stand-up comedy, or even being a comedian was not a career path he really wanted, rather he preferred to use the skill to act in movies. Fortunately for him, life seemed to be going as planned, at least, not until his talent to make people laugh sort a better form of expression.

In 2013, Schalk Bezuidenhout was featured in the Black Only comedy show, and three years later, in 2016, he made his acting debut on television when he appeared in the award-winning movie, Hotel, where he played the award-winning character of ‘Danny Beyer’ from season 1 to 4. He was also featured in other movies and shows such as Promised Land, The Click, South African White Boy, Snorseun, Material Two, This Is How, and so many others.

However, acting did not stop or subdue his inborn talent to make people laugh. While playing his movie characters, some of which were comic roles well, he was still very active in the comedy industry. Since 2011, he always performed stand-up comedy at the National Arts Festival. He also performs at all major comedy events in Durban and Cape Town – Jive Cape Town Funny Festival and Voorkamerfest. Schalk Bezuidenhout is the headline act at Cape Town Comedy Club and Parkers Comedy&Jive.

One of his major comedy career highlights was being Trevor Noah‘s opening act at Trevor Noah’s Nation WILD Tour in 2014 and 2015. The multi-talented entertainer has proven to be a man that wears many career hats. Aside from acting, he is also an author. In 2018, he released his first book titled Truitjie Roer My Nie. In this book, he unravels the world and major events happening from his own perspective. He is also into wine production and has several brand endorsement deals under his belt.

With His Busy Schedule, Schalk Bezuidenhout Still Manages To Keep A Happy Relationship  

Schalk Bezuidenhout is no doubt a lucky young man. Aside from having an all-around successful career and making money from the things he loves doing, he is also blessed with a fiancée, Mica Mckechine, who understands him and the kind of job he does. He attributes her ability to understand that he may not always have time because she is also in the entertainment industry and can relate to his situation.

Schalk Bezuidenhout’s girlfriend, Mica Mckechine, is a film art director and set dresser. Their job descriptions require a lot of their time, so they don’t demand so much time from each other. This does not mean that they don’t create time out of their busy schedules for each other. Both Schalk Bezuidenhout and his beautiful girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, Mica, grew up in East Rand.

While Schalk was raised in Kempton Park, she was raised in Benoni. But it is not exactly clear how they met, when they met, and how long they have been dating. However, what is undeniably obvious is the love they both share. According to Schalk, he fell in love with his girlfriend because she is soft-spoken and does not mince words when it comes to speaking the truth, especially when it has to do with his comedy.

The Couple Got Engaged In 2020

Many people know Schalk Bezuidenhout as a comedian and expect that he always cracks jokes. He even attests that when people meet him off stage, they expect that every word that proceeds out of his mouth would be funny. However, that is not always the case, as Schalk Bezuidenhout can be serious when he needs to, and one area of his life that is not a joke to him is his love life.

Although his girlfriend fell in love with him because he makes her laugh, she also clarifies that he can be serious when he wants to. However, whenever he decides to be funny, it is usually rib-cracking, and Schalk Bezuidenhout has decided to remain her source of laughter forever.

In the latter part of 2019, he decided to take their relationship to the next level when he took her to the same restaurant where they had their first date. During their conversation, he knelt on one knee and popped the question, and she said Yes!

It’s been more than a year now since Schalk Bezuidenhout proposed, so hopefully, wedding bells will be ringing in no time.

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