Albino Malawian Pastor Abandons Congregation For Fear Of Being Used For Black Magic


Reports have it that a Malawian pastor with albinism has abandoned his congregation for fear of being attacked and used for rituals.

You already know that attacks on albinos in Malawi recently sky-rocketed. The belief is that albino body parts are essential ingredients for the black magic and witchery creation of wealth.

Amnesty International report once lamented that there’s a human rights crisis in Malawi.

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“People are in huge amounts of danger because they are born with a genetic condition: albinism. They are being hunted for their bones and body parts, and the perpetrators are going unpunished.

Malawi’s government urgently needs to protect the thousands of people with albinism – a vulnerable group of people at risk of abductions and killings,” read the report.

Recently, Malawian President Peter Mutharika told BBC that he’s ashamed about the “superstition, foolishness and ignorance” that have endangered albinos in the country.

“The people who are telling people that it makes people rich are not even rich. They are wearing rags. How can a person like this make you rich if he himself cannot make himself rich?” Mutharika asked.

He urged the church to speak out and against the scourge.

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But Clement Dayile, a pastor at the Christ Citadel Church in Mulanje, said he doesn’t know how to go about preaching to the albino hunting nation to turn away from their albino-killing sins.

He’s albino himself, and can’t tell if certain members of his congregation haven’t been considering the riches they’ll gain from his body parts.

Who knows? A good number of the congregation might have been coming to church to get details that will enable them polish their plots on how to get his body parts.

So the pastor bailed. He said he’s living in fear for his safety and was compelled to abandon his pastoral duties.

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“The situation is not conducive for me to be going out to preach. I don’t even go out on longer distances, in fear I will be the next victim,” said the Malawian pastor.