AKA’s State Capture Opinion – Whites Captured SA Long Ago


AKA’s state capture opinion strongly suggests that the rapper must have flipped through all 355 pages of the report that has been making headlines since its release.

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Renowned for his strong sense of social consciousness, the rapper attracts a lot of attention when he speaks politics. This time, he didn’t disappoint his fans as he relayed what he feels about the state capture saga.

In his opinion, South Africans have failed to recognise “a handful of white families” who are also South Africa’s captors. In fact, he doesn’t see the need to fret about the Guptas when we have been owned by white families for decades.

Here comes AKA’s State Capture Opinion;

“There are a handful of white families who have owned this country for decades, but we’re worried about the Guptas,” he said.

“Between the mines, the land, the banks and the media …. They captured the state a long long time ago.”

Looks like the rapper gave it a lot thought before drawing his conclusions.

Nevertheless, Idols SA judge Somizi described the experience of having to go through the report as very painful. It’s like getting a kick on the face.

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To lighten the mood a little, Somizi posted a hilarious video of a kid being hit in the face with a ball. Apart from the pain, the impact of the ball left the boy in a confused mood. Thus, Somizi likened the boy to himself while “trying to read page 1 of 355 pages of the Thuli report”.

Me trying to read page 1 of 355 pages of the thuli report.

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The state capture report was released on Wednesday following court order that the report be released immediately. This happened despite the president’s attempt to intersect the release of the report.