AKA Maintains Support For ANC Amid Backlashes, Says It’s Not For The Money


While it’s no longer news that rapper AKA supports ANC, his appearance at the party’s manifesto this past weekend raised eyebrows.

To rub it hard on haters faces, the rapper shared pictures of himself all clad in ANC uniform. The idea of rubbing shoulders with President Zuma led to a heated political debate on social media.

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Some of the rapper’s followers condemned his presence at the rally. There were also accusations that he was campaigning for ANC because of the money.

The rapper who has always clapped back at haters maintained his political stance as he responded to the outcry.

“I make more money in 30min, on stage than I’m being paid for weeks of campaigning. So how can it be about money?” he tweeted.

He also responded to threats of not buying his music.

“If me shaking hands with the President of South Africa discourages you from buying my music, so be it.”

The rapper got a little feisty and hit back at a fan who said that it was an open secret that the ANC pays celebrities well to attend their rallies.

“I drive a 2mil Rand car, and go to sleep next to the #1 bossest b***h in the game …. How am I bothered fam?”

Though the fact that AKA supports ANC angers some people, the rapper still feels proud at the outcome of the political debate.

“Is there anybody in the world smarter than me? …. I don’t think so. I’m soooo clever and amazing,” he praised himself.

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In a tweet about two months ago, AKA revealed that he has been approached to perform for the DA on several occasions, but always turned them down.

And for the fighters (EFF), he said he will never again perform for them no matter how attractive the money is but confirmed he has performed at 2 EFF parties.

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