Celebrity Brawl Between AKA And Baby Mama Zinhle Reveals Shocking Details


SA rapper AKA is up in arms against ex lover DJ Zinhle barely a year after the two went their separate ways.

A pissed off AKA took to twitter to lambaste Zinhle, breaking his silence about events that we were never told of.

AKA’s Twitter rant follows a national television documentary which featured DJ Zinhle’s home, distinctly showing off walls laden with pictures of AKA and his mom.

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Another factor that must have motivated the rapper’s decision to break his silence and spit it all out was a picture of DJ Zinhle flaunting one of Euphonik’s ‘Nonke’ t-shirts which went viral on the internet this week.

AKA made it clear to Zinhle in his tweets that he can no longer keep quiet as he labelled Zinhle’s recent moves as ‘petty’ and ‘unnecessary,’ wandering why she is still holding on to the pictures of his mom and himself.

“Why are there pictures of myself and my mother in her house? And why does she make a point of showing it on TV? Where is HER mother? Why are there so many pictures of my mother on Instagram …. And none of her own mother? It’s weird. Let go. Please,” he lambasted.

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The Rapper also tweeted in Bonang’s defense whom he called strong, saying she has never spoken out despite the insults that bedeviled her.

A shocking detail from AKA’s tweets revealed that several attempts have been made to get Bonang fired from her sponsorship.

AKA went ahead to add that the reason for his silence was because he was a ‘decent father’. But obviously, he is not getting his due respect out of that.

“Kairo has MY surname. I paid for that. Took care of my responsibility according to HER culture. So where is MY due respect as a father?” he tweeted.

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