AKA Rallies Round Okmalumkoolkat After His ‘Convicted Sex Offender’ Past Was Exhumed


Following the resurrection of his controversial past, rapper AKA has come out in defense of his friend and counterpart Okmalumkoolkat.

When AKA’s Caiphus Song was released in February and he confirmed that Okmalumkoolkat had done the illustrations for the track, he kind of sparked some serious debate on Twitter.

Okmalumkoolkat was found guilty and sentenced to six months in an Australian prison for indecent assault and assault with indecent intent.

The rapper hasn’t gone into much detail about what really happened even though people have been calling on him to open up about his version of the story. He, however said in interviews that he made a mistake while he was drunk. Okmalumkoolkat served one month of his six months sentence in an Australian prison.

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The matter was recently exhumed from the past after a tweet sparked a debate over his sexual offender past. This followed AKA’s collaboration with him.

Although the collaboration didn’t get much attention, Okmalumkoolkat’s past was brought to the spotlight after City Press used the opportunity to point out that he is a convicted sexual offender.

Thus, AKA saw the need to rally round him. Thus, as social media debated on the issue AKA made it clear that Okmalumkoolkat owes nobody an explanation or apology.

“That man owes nobody an explanation except for the victim, his own child; his family,” he wrote.

In addition, AKA lambasted those who were calling Okmalumkoolkat out. In a series of tweets, he called South Africans hypocrites for not protesting when American artists Chris Brown and R. Kelly performed in Mzansi.

“Why scream your lungs out at a convicted woman abusers concert when he performs in SA? Why y’all don’t tweet brands who sponsor his show?

“Next time Chris Brown is here I hope you self righteous ones treat Chris Brown like you trying to treat Kool Kat. Be consistent. Not convenient,” he said.

Here are some of his tweets;