Airtime From Heaven: Pastor Asks God To Credit His Members’ Phones


Away from several ministerial display by some South African pastors, a Malawian pastor shocked everyone when he prayed for miraculous airtime from heaven.

According to a Facebook report, the clergyman who is referred to as Prophet Anointed Bernard, by his church members, reportedly knelt down to do something that has been considered rather weird.

He actually ordered his members to submit their phones at the pulpit as he assured them of miraculous airtime from heaven.

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In obedience, the members all rushed to the pulpit to place their phones and the clergyman was said to have gone into a long session of prayers for the heavenly recharge cards to enter the phones from heaven.

According to Malawi News, which posted the photo and story online, the pastor is based in Lusaka and the incident happened on Wednesday, January, 25.

“SUCH HILARITY! This happened at a church in Lusaka yesterday. Mwebantu, has never seen anything like it before. Flamboyant Lusaka based clergyman Prophet Anointed Benard, who is known by his congregates as Commander 1 wanted to show his members how powerful God is. He then asked them to bring out their mobile phones and prayed that God should miraculously credit their phones with airtime from heaven” Malawi news reporters wrote.


The flamboyant man of God who is fondly called Commander 1 by his members, according to the reports, spent over two hours praying for the recharge cards and at the end of the session, told his members that they would surprisingly  receive the airtime from heaven once they got home.

This is apparently not the first time such hilarious display got to the social media. 2016 saw the peak of these display in South Africa with a prophet who goes by the name Lethebo Rabalago, from the Mountzion General Assembly in Limpopo reportedly using Doom insect killer to heal people, claiming he is using unconventional methods to heal people.

This was followed by a Pastor who commanded his members to touch live wires, saying the powerful anointing in them will neutralise the power in the live wires.

Apart from dishing out anointing that turns people to super-humans, the supposed apostle also claims he can turn water into wine, he allegedly turned a bottle of water into “wine” and asked a man to drink from the bottle. Once the man’s lips touched the bottle, he instantly got drunk and lost his balance.

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This brings to mind a particular pastor in South Africa who made his congregation eat grass to be closer to God, years back.

pastor 3

The minister, who is oftentimes referred to as a “miracle man,” reportedly made his congregation of about 1,000 eat the grass as part of a ritual to show that humans can be controlled by the spirit of God.

Meanwhile, the Commission for Promotions and Protection of the Rights of Religious‚ Cultural and Linguistic Communities (CRL) has proposed the commercialization of religion in the country which South Africans are heavily in support of.