Afternoon Express Hosts At Loggerheads – Report


Though they keep denying it, reports have it that Afternoon Express hosts, Bonang Matheba and Bonnie Mbuli are at loggerheads.

In fact, sources claim that once the cameras stop rolling, the co-hosts don’t talk to each other because they “can’t stand each other.”

A recent report on Daily Sun alleged that the feud is so thick that the duo refuse to share a make-up artist.

Apparently, Bonang who has been labeled a diva wants her own glam. According to the source, Afternoon Express hosts Bonang and Bonnie “tried to click at first, but couldn’t pretend for long.”

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Their personalities can be likened to two parallel lines that can never meet. The sources confirmed that though they are not best of friends, “They are fine, but aren’t best friends by any means. They have very different personalities.”

Speaking on the matter, Bonnie said; “Myself and Bonang are two highly professional individuals, and take great care in creating a positive working environment. We are both committed to the success of anything we work on.”

On the other hand, Bonang’s team said; “It is absolute nonsense.” Bonang’s publicist Phumza Nohase added that they “would not comment further on such rumours”.

For some who have worked with “Your-Girl-B”, she isn’t the easiest colleague in the world.

“She has hired and fired make-up artists left, right and centre because she is a diva,” said an unnamed source who has worked with her.

Nevertheless, Bonang might be a difficult person, but she sure is very professional and good at her job. Also, her reputation precedes her on several occasions.

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Though not present at the show, Bonang was a hot topic at the recent Chevrolet feather awards.

Khanya Mkangisa who hosted the event, threw shades at Bonang when she said; “She’s nominated in a number of categories tonight. We hope she snatches those awards like she has snatched everything else.”

After all said and done, Bonang still remains one of Mzansi’s favourite.