The Odds Are Heavily Against Afro-pop Music Group Malaika – Bongani


There is serious doubt in Bongani Nchang’s mind that South African Afro-pop music group Malaika will ever get to make music together again.

Moreover,  if recent reports are anything to go by, the group might never experience a reunion. Notably, Bongani and Tshedi are not on speaking terms.

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Tshedi revealed this in an interview earlier this year;

“Last time I spoke to Bongani was around March/April when I asked him if we could meet, and he asked what would we be talking about. I told him that we would talk about Malaika. And he just never pitched.”

Ironically, Bongani revealed that Tshedi is the one eluding a possible reunion. He accused her of “making it impossible” for them to get together in the studio and record the last album for Sony.

“We signed a five-album contract with Sony Music and this means that we still owe Sony one last album. I want us to fulfil this obligation, but Tshedi is making it impossible,” he said.

Apparently, they owe Sony that much, but the odds are heavily against the group.

“I don’t think Malaika will ever make a comeback.”

Meanwhile Afro-pop music group Malaika aside, Bongani believes he is following his calling. Presently,  he is focusing on his solo gospel project; Wonders of Mercy.

According to the singer, his new album was inspired by his single Ke Tshepile Wena.

“I finally decided to heed the calling after I had been avoiding it for some time,” he said.

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“It has finally caught up with me and I must say this has brought about such fulfilment inside of me, and my fans agree with this welcome and life empowering direction.”

It’s such a pity we might not be enjoying any more tracks from Malaika.