WATCH: Proud Afrikaan Tells ‘F**king Fool’ Malema He’ll ‘Eat Kak’ In Free State


Piet van Zyl, a middle-aged man who describes himself as a proud Afrikaan has publicly taken a swipe at the EFF commander-in -chief, Julius Malema, for his countless attacks on the white race.

Addressing himself as a true and proud Boerseun (Afrikaner boy) who loves and supports Springbok, Piet van Zyl posted a video message where he directly addressed the radical leader.

Van Zyl’s angry words were in reaction to a speech Malema gave in November last year when he called for land occupations in Bloemfontein.

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He says in Afrikaan in the video: “Julius! You call us Afrikaner boys, I’m not a farmer, I don’t have a farm [but]  I’m proud to be a Boerseun

“Those little guys who put you on a rock when you were talking about us when you were addressing people there in the Free State in khaki clothing … those are Afrikaner boys, you need to be careful of them.

He further advised the leader to stay away from the “Afrikaan boy” otherwise they would make him eat ‘laat kak’ (eat shit) such as he never experienced before.

“The Orange Free State was always the [Boere republic] Orange Free State and it will always remain the Orange Free State. There wasn’t a black person in sight when the first Voortrekker wagons moved through there. The Zulus lived in Ulundi in north Natal and the Xhosas on the Fish River border and you and your ancestors were apparently in the mountains. I understand that you looked under rocks to eat scorpions.

“You say we should go and pray to our ancestors. I don’t pray to my ancestors, I have a God, a living God, and I pray to my God. [And] before the big fight begins, I am just going to pray that my bullets fly straight, Julius.

“You say we should be scared of you; we are not scared of you. That’s the biggest mistake you and your hangers-on can make: to think we are scared of you.”

Piet van Zyl went further to reign insult on Malema calling him a fool for speaking against Afrikaans.

“The fact that you will murder and mutilate old people on farms – people of 60 and 70 – doesn’t make you tough guys, it makes you a fucking bunch of fools. I’m saying this to you now in your face: you’re a fool, the biggest one I’ve seen in my life,” he said challenging Malema to bring on his fight anywhere, anytime.

“You are just a fucking fuckhead. Bye,” he concluded.

Malema has on countless times, attacked the white and colored race in the country, blaming them of monopolizing the economy and confiscating properties belonging to black South Africans.

Late last year, the leader ordered his members to occupy all lands belonging to whites, especially in areas like Bloemfontein.

“Occupy it, it belongs to you, it is your land, it is the land of your forefathers … I’m asking politely for the land to be returned, but if they don’t return it, I cannot guarantee what will happen next,” Malema told members claiming the call first came from ANC leaders such as Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and others like them via the Freedom Charter.

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Malema also warned white males, more especially those he called “Afrikaner boys” that things would change for them in the future, and that they would be facing problems should his party, the EFF finally comes to power.

“Did Jesus Christ die for us to suffer like this?” asked Malema, who added that he didn’t hate white people and didn’t want to kill them.

He called on them to pray to their “ancestors”, former SA prime ministers Hendrik Verwoerd and DF Malan, that the EFF wouldn’t take power.

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