AfriForum Prepares Criminal Charges For 50 South Africans Who Incited Hatred On Social Media


Heretofore, AfriForum established a complaints channel where South Africans can report fellow countrymen inciting racial division and making hate comments on social sites. Vividly, the essence was to curb, and if possible, completely eradicate the racial tension in the country. For as well-known to we all, the black-and-white issues in the country soared from disgusting to excessively disgusting.

The complaints platform AfriForum designed was utilized, and based on Sowetan Live report, AfriForum is set to lash about 50 South Africans with criminal charges.

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These South Africans according to AfriForum have recently attempted and/or incited violence in South Africa via their comments, remarks and utterances on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.

The civil rights organisation, albeit indirectly, warned South Africans to be nice and watch their behavior on social site platforms as they will be looking at the complaints flooding in and criminally charge those that deserves it.

Speaking on the issue, AfriForum’s Deputy CEO – Ernst Roets remarked that majority of South Africans are not racists as widely opined. To him, the nation is simply being “hijacked by a small group of racists.

These people are actively busy fueling racial hatred and fanning criminality. If you make yourself guilty of criminal behavior‚ you should not expect to be seen as an activist for a better future,” Roets hinted.

And further related that AfriForum will soon release a report about the increased hatred towards the minorities of South Africa.

Recently, AfriForum obtained a court order requiring SA Police to hand them the statistics on farm murder from 1990 to 2015. Explaining why AfriForum requested for the stats, Roest stated that “it is of national importance that the incidence of farm attacks and murders be monitored correctly. This is to evaluate the ability of the SAPS to effectively protect citizens residing on farms,” he added.

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