AfriForum Asks ‘Why Pay Taxes If Government Isn’t Doing Its Job?’


The civil-rights organisation/pressure group – AfriForum presented a statement on Tuesday 2nd February specifying that government was abusing taxpayers in the country by not using the generated money effectively.

AfriForum launched a campaign on income tax recently‚ “after shocking statistics for 2015 indicated that Government once again failed in fulfilling its responsibilities during the 2015/2016 fiscal year”.

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“Income tax amounted to 36-45% of the total budget for the 2015/2016 fiscal year. AfriForum revisited what government had promised during the 2015 budget speech to see if taxpayers indeed get what they pay for. The answers are shocking‚” said the national campaign coordinator for AfriForum – Monique Taute.

AfriForum pointed out some anomalies like the rapid fall in the national matric pass rate last year irrespective of the fact that R203-billion had been budgeted for basic education‚ saying “the country spends more on education than many other countries do”.

The group also lamented that government had failed “in its primary responsibility to protect its citizens and ensure their safety. Crime rose by 0.09% in 2015‚ with more than 2‚2 million crimes committed in South Africa. This creates concern about the R171-billion which was to be spent on security‚ public order and safety – on what was this then spent? ” The rapid increase in crime rate in the country pushed Cape Town to the top 10 list of most violent cities in the world 2015.

AfriForum’s Taute made an observation that unemployment in the third quarter of 2015 would not have increased by 1‚2% to reach 25‚5% if government had used taxpayers’ money effectively to tackle unemployment as promised.

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“AfriForum plans on writing a letter to Mr Pravin Gordhan‚ Minister of Finance‚ before the 2016/2017 budget speech to request him to provide answers to government’s empty promises for 2015‚” said Taute.

The organisation’s principal focus is based on the following areas: civil rights, safety and security, community affairs, local government, environmental affairs, education as well as preserving language, culture and heritage of minorities in South Africa. This is why they are asking why citizens should be made to pay taxes if government fails to use the money to fulfill its primary responsibilities.