AfriForum & Solidarity Get World Rugby To Force SA Rugby Drop Racial Quotas


BuzzSouthAfrica can confirm that AfriForum and Solidarity have dragged World Rugby into the affairs of the South African rugby (SA Rugby).

The organisations lodged an official complaint against racial quotas and political interference in SA Rugby at World Rugby’s headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

AfriForum and Solidarity told World Rugby that the South African government has been meddling with the activities of SA Rugby in an uncool manner. And, that race is considered in making team selection irrespective of the fact that World Rugby’s rules and regulations forbade political interference and racial discrimination.

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Commenting, AfriForum’s CEO, Kallie Kriel related that the lodging of the complaint with World Rugby is only the first step in the international campaign against racial quotas by AfriForum and Solidarity.

Kriel divulged that the complaint with World Rugby will in the next two weeks be followed by the lodging of similar complaints at the respective headquarters of the International Cricket Council, the International Netball Federation, the International Olympic Committee and the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Also speaking, AfriForum’s spokesperson Henk Maree remarked that the forum was forced to approach World Rugby after its efforts to convince SA Rugby to drop racial quotas were ignored.

Maree and Kriel were part of the delegation that lodged the complaint with World Rugby. The spokesperson said the complaint is a strong start to the move to stop racial quotas.

“AfriForum is realistic about the fact that the lodging of the complaint is not a quick fix, but it serves as a strong start to an ongoing process to accomplish international opposition to racial quotas,” stated Maree. 

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He upheld that South African politicians’ interference in sport is a tactic to gain cheap exposure and promote their personal agendas.

“The only way in which politicians can make a sustainable contribution to sport is to focus on the responsible spending of funds to develop the talents of young athletes – regardless of their race,” added Maree. 

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