AfriForum And Solidarity Get IOC & IAAF To Force SA Drop Racial Quotas


BuzzSouthAfrica can confirm that AfriForum and Solidarity have approached the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to stop South Africa’s race quotas in sports.

Together, the two organisations submitted official complaints against race quotas and political interference in South African sport at IOC’s head office in Lausanne, Switzerland and IAAF’s head office in Monaco.

They told the two sporting bodies that the South African government politically interferes in South African sporting activities. And, that race is increasingly playing a determining role in team selections.

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AfriForum and Solidarity pointed out to the sporting bodies that the political interference and race quotas are strictly forbidden in their rules and regulations. 

With that, the civil rights watchdog and trade union urged IOC and IAAF carry out an investigation on the implementation of race quotas in South African athletics and other sports.

According to the organisations, Athletics South Africa is transgressing Section 3 of the Constitution of the IAAF which stipulated that there shouldn’t be political interference and discrimination against athletes based on their race in any way.

That, AfriForum’s spokesperson Henk Maree said, “is a clear example of a South African sporting body that is transgressing international rules.”

As such, AfriForum and Solidarity asked IOC and IAAF to instruct sports decision makers in South Africa to discard racially based policy and align selection policies with international standards and practise.

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Commenting, Kallie Kriel AfriForum’s CEO asserted that it’s the propaganda of the ruling party (ANC) that engendered the use of racial criteria in the selection of sporting teams in South Africa.

Kriel said the racial criteria is increasingly regarded as normal whereas it’s abnormal and contradictory to international rules.

The submission of these complaints is not an instant solution for the problems in SA sport, but serves as a strong start for an extended process of winning international support in the fight against the race obsession of the South African government and local sporting bodies,” added the CEO.