Africa is a beautiful continent with lots of varieties. The land has a wide variety of tourists’ attractions in most places of the many countries in the continent. As the countries in Africa are many, so are the variety of dishes that can interest a foreigner. Additionally, Africans have a great deal of knowledge and expertise when it comes to preparing palatable African food that will interest any visitor. There are actually a lot of various African staple foods found across the entire continents which are always prepared differently depending on the country and their culture. While a few African recipes may not be rich in maybe minerals and trace vitamins, many of them are highly nutritious and the rich ingredients that are used can make you yearn for more.

African Food You Should Try On Your Next Visit

1. Rice

Rice is among the most popular foods in Africa. It’s a staple food in Africa and comes in different forms that varies from jollof rice, where rice is prepared in onion, pepper, tomato base to which some other ingredients such as spices and salt are added. African rice can also be cooked with coconut milk.

rice - African food

2. Nshima

Nshima is a product of cornmeal which is a staple food in Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. It is similar to the central African meal prepared from maize flour. During the best times, Nshima is normally eaten during dinner and lunch times. This is also the case during and after harvesting season which is always around April –November when food reserves are usually adequate in the rural Zambian villages. Nshima is so common that nearly all native African languages call it by different names depending on the particular area and their language. It is similar to posho or ugali of east Africa as well, fufu of West Africa, sadza of Zimbabwe and pap of South Africa.

nshima - African food

3. Kachumbari

Kachumbari is a popular recipe in east Africa that you wouldn’t want to miss. This is uncooked onion and tomato salad recipe consisting of chopped onions, chilli peppers, tomatoes and salt to taste. In places such as in Kenya, Kachumbari is preferred with roast meat [nyama choma], mainly goat or beef. Those living in the coastal region also prefer it with pilau rice.

Kachumbari - African food

4. Fufu

This is a paste that’s made from the starchy root vegetables [More often from cassava] and originally from West Africa. It’s prepared from various sources such as cassava, plantains or yams that are pounded to dough-like and eaten in small ball shapes with a dipping sauce or soup. Fufu is among the most widespread meals in Africa especially in West African countries such as Ghana. The traditional way of eating this meal is to pinch off some little fufu in the right hand fingers and shape it into easily digestible ball.


5. Cholent

Cholent is a common Jewish meal, traditionally prepared during a Friday night and eaten on the Sabbath for lunch. It’s a slow-cooked food stew of beans, potatoes, meat and barley, which is also widespread in Northern Africa. There are lots of variations of Cholent. The main ingredients that are used to prepare Cholent are potatoes, beans, barley and meat. Rice can also be used instead of barley, and chicken instead of beef. Ashkenazi Cholent normally has kishke orhelzel, which is a chicken neck skin or sausage casing stuffed with flour-based mixture.