Zuma’s Resignation Will Be The First Step In The Right Direction – AfriBusiness


More on the call for President Jacob Zuma to step down, a business organization, Afribusiness says President Zuma has turned the south African Nation into a “gangster state”.

Hitting on the need for Zuma to give room for a better leader, Afribusiness CEO Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg said Zuma’s resignation would be a good step towards restructuring the nation’s political and economic crisis.

“Despite differences in economic and political principals,‚ civil organizations should work together to ward off the imminent political and economic disaster that threatens South Africa. We realize that not all the country’s systemic problems will disappear when President Zuma resigns‚ but we firmly believe that his resignation will be the first step in the right direction‚” said Jansen van Rensburg.

“AfriBusiness is of the opinion that President Jacob Zuma has lost the support of the business sector and that it is time for him to step down‚” he said on Wednesday.

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To the organization, the country’s economic growth alongside its international political and economic image has been low with an impending credit downgrade and the country in the first phases of an economic crisis and all these points to Zuma’s government.

“President Zuma’s association with corruption and nepotism is busy changing the country into a gangster state‚” it stated.

Speaking further, the organization said the Concourt ruling which was hoped to put to an end certain crisis that erupted through it, has turned out to become a constitutional crisis and that even if Zuma pays back the money, he is still liable for the tax in respect of the total extension benefit. “If he remains President‚ he will most probably not be held liable for these taxes‚” it said.

“President Zuma does not honour the Constitution and his actions undermine the constitutional state. Why would any other citizen adhere to the law if a country’s head of state does not honour it?

Jansen van Rensburg however warned of the possibility of a general tax revolt by citizens‚ if government continues to manhandle public funds. He said information from  credit rating agencies such as Moody’s indicates that the political situation in South Africa will also influence the country’s credit rating which will also increase the country’s business risk.

“The time has come for the business sector and senior business people to actively join in and encourage a change in the country’s leadership‚” Jansen van Rensburg added.

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