South African Organizations Move To Bury Malema’s Land Expropriation Mandate


The AfriBusiness and AfriForum have launched a fresh application at the High Court in Pretoria, in a bid to restrain the leader of the left-wing party Economic Freedom Freedom (EFF) Julius Malema from further land grab comments.

The two organizations revealed that they launched the application after Julius Malema continued to call for blacks to grab land, despite appearing in courts twice in the space of one week for similar calls.

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Furthermore, they affirmed that the aim of the application is to charge Malema with contempt of court and even have him found guilty and incarcerated‚ should he transgress again.

AfriBusiness Files Separate Complaint Against Malema

In a separate application, the AfriBussiness, filed a complaint against Malema on Wednesday; after he had threatened that the safety of businesses could not be guaranteed during an EFF protest march to support Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on Nov 2.

As predicted by Malema, the march saw many shops and buildings looted, giving birth to loss of millions of rands and other damages. In the meantime, the AfriBusiness has given Malema and his party five days to indicate if they will oppose the application or not.

Julius Malema’s call for land expropriation recently got intensified after the state exhumed and laid charges against him for his hate speech comments in 2014.

For the time being, the state has postponed the case to 5 June 2017. This comes after his lawyers indicated that they intend to contest the constitutionality of the law.

Another land grab charges case laid against Malema by AfriForum this year has also been postponed. He appeared at Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on November, 14 for this charge.

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Unfazed by all these, the defiant leader says he’s well aware that these baseless charges are politically-influenced by the Zuma-led administration.

He vowed to fight with everything he has until land is returned to its original owners; insisting that the black race has suffered for long in their own land.

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