Logo ‘Theft’: ADeC’s Khoza Makhosi Roasts ANC In New Statement


Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Makhosi Khoza has come out to defend her new political party, the African Democratic Change (ADeC) following accusations by the ruling party against her party.

Recall that the ANC, on Monday, issued a public statement, where it criticized the former MP of trying to confuse voters by deliberately appropriating the ruling party’s logo colour. The ANC went ahead to affirm that it would lodge a complaint with the IEC over the matter.

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Responding to the accusation on her Facebook page, Makhosi slammed the ruling party for fighting over colours. She pointed out that when she left the ANC, she took the good of the party she grew up in and spent 36 years of her life.

“I grew up in the ANC, I spent from age 12 to 48 in this party, and now you say I must just shrug off what I have experienced all my life?” I dedicated this party to Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo. I resigned from an ANC that has become corrupt. And I am starting a party that is what the ANC was supposed to be, an ANC that is not corrupt. The ADeC is not copying the ANC but is rather a party which is what the ANC was supposed to become. I am not carrying a spear, I am carrying a torch.

“The alien‚ corrupt ANC that I left accuses me of subterfuge. I don’t understand Gwede and Kodwa’s problem. When I resigned‚ I made it very clear that I’m taking the good ANC with me. All I took was a good legacy? The ANC does not own any colour and how it should be arranged,” she stated..

Meanwhile, ADeC spokesperson Feziwe Ndwayana confirmed on Tuesday that IEC is yet to contact them, adding that the ADeC is prepared to sort out the issue. Ndwayana said the ADeC appreciates ANC’s roles in the liberation struggle but that the description of the party logo colour is tied to Africa and not just the ANC.

“There is no copyright when it comes to colours. We think the ANC is being petty and the attack is unfounded. ADeC wishes to point out that the use of black‚ green and gold in political-party and country flags across Africa is rooted in the description these colours carry about our continent‚ which cannot be exclusively appropriated to a single party,” ADeC’s statement read.

Ndwayana added that the Change remains grateful for the integral role the ANC had in fighting the injustice of apartheid. However‚ he insisted that the ADeC remains unapologetic about its position to take the baton from its liberators.

“Our liberators have fulfilled their mission in liberating South Africa‚ but have failed to transform from a liberation movement to a governing political party in a democratic dispensation,” he added.

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A look at the ANC’s logo and ADeC’s ‘controversial’ logo shows a man holding a spear in the ruling party’s logo while Change’s logo featured a woman holding a torch.