ADEC Launching: ANC Accuses Makhosi’s New Political Home Of ‘Theft’


The African National Congress (ANC) has lashed out at the African Democratic Change (ADeC), accusing the new political party of hijacking its logo colours.

The ruling party’s public outcry comes just three days after the new political party was officially launched. In a statement issued on Monday, the ANC welcomed the launch of ADEC but slammed the party for “blatantly” appropriating “the colours of the ANC into its logo.”

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The party also accused ADEC of attempting to attract supporters dishonestly, adding that the new party’s use of the ANC’s colours is simply a “paucity of ideas at best and political chicanery at worst.” The ruling party disclosed that it has instructed its legal team to lodge an objection with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The party wrote:

“South Africa is a multiparty democracy and as such, a plethora of divergent views within our body politic is to be welcomed. The ANC nevertheless notes with regret that the launch of the ADeC should be marred by the decision of the new party’s leadership to blatantly appropriate the colours of the ANC into its logo.

“Undoubtedly the ADEC has taken this decision with the possibility of contesting the national elections in 2019 and thus intending to confuse voters who rightly associate the colours with that of the ANC. This undermines the spirit of free and fair elections. Accordingly, the ANC has briefed its legal team to lodge an objection with the Independent Electoral Commission against this blatant mischief.”

Former ANC MP Khoza Makhosi’s “new political home” (ADeC) was launched on Friday in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, during the party’s maiden congress. At the launch, the new political party logo was spotted having a striking similarity with the ANC’s black, green and gold colour palette, as well the imagery.

While speaking at the launch, Makhosi vowed that her party will lead with honesty and will not repeat the mistakes of the ANC.

Meanwhile, ANC national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa said he was not surprised political parties in the country are attempting to ride on “the coat-tails of ANC icons, iconography and symbolism”. He accused most parties in the country of lacking history and traditions of their own and of resorting to appropriation and intellectual property theft.

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Having said this, Kodwa encouraged all current and prospective political parties to broaden their intellectual and creative horizons with regards to their positioning in the hearts and minds of the people.