Photos: SA Actress Pearl Thusi Shares Quantico Experience In New York


South African actress Pearl Thusi is making us proud with the new role she bagged on American drama series Quantico season 2.

Previously, Pearl’s manager Sarit Tomlinson confirmed that Pearl had a meeting with the producers of the series a few weeks ago. However, he couldn’t confirm that our girl has really bagged a role on the American series.

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The juicy news started taking shape when lead star Priyanka Chopra shared a season 2 cast members snapshot on her Instagram. Apparently, Thusi was right there, spotted among the newest cast.

Actress Pearl Thusi has now undoubtedly confirmed that she is currently working with international celebrities on the new new season of US drama series Quantico.

She has laid all doubt to rest by posting on her social media platform.

On her Instagram, Pearl indicated that she is currently in New York and has started filming for the drama series.

“And God bless the amazing souls I’ve been working with. So talented. So humble. So kind. I’m inspired by them. So happy to join the @abcquantico team! As we dive straight into it!”

Pearl also shard some pictures indicating that she has been spending a lot of time with international actress Priyanka Chopra. She described her as just “down to earth.”

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Pearl Thusi will be playing Dayana Mampasi in the new season of Quantico. Dayana is a driven, disciplined, type-A lawyer who struggles to fit in though she seems to have it all.

After graduating from Harvard top of her class, she practiced at an NGO for two years before joining her parents’ Boston firm.

After her Quantico gig, Thusi will be making an appearance in the local biopic – Kalushi; The Story of Solomon Mahlangu later in the year.