Actress Pabi Moloi Kept Us Out Of The Loop But Now We Know!


Once again, actress Pabi Moloi has caught us completely off guard after revealing that she has been a mom for a month already.

Taking to Instagram this past weekend, Pabi shared the exciting news of the arrival of her baby boy. Apparently, she didn’t want the public on her little prince because according to her, “he arrived a month ago”.

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The actress had everyone believing that her bundle of joy was yet to come into the world. Apparently, she wanted him all to herself. But eventually, she had to spill the beans.

“He arrived a month ago. Could not bring myself to share earlier… But now you know! Let the rest of our amazing lives begin,” she wrote on Instagram.

She went on to gush over the little one who she says has changed her life.

“He is awe-inspiring, beautiful and has made the world a lot brighter,” she gushed on Instagram, adding, “I did not know God until I looked into my own child’s eyes.”

Notably, actress Pabi Moloi is not one to bare her personal life for all to see. Besides, she seems to be enjoying the fact that fans keep guessing what’s gonna happen next in her life. And when they run out of options, she hits them with the truth.

First, she surprised fans with news of her wedding which we weren’t invited to. The wedding which took place earlier this year was later announced when the star shared a pic on Instagram.

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“So many people got married last week. Even me! #PermaBae #AlwaysAndForever #MrsA‚” she wrote at the time alongside a cozy picture of them together.

Now it is the birth of her first baby with her hubby and we don’t even know what to expect next. Nonetheless, congratulations to the happy actress!