Renowned Actress Mona Monyane Takes Us Through The Downside Of Fame


We’ve always thought popular TV stars live their lives on a bed of roses, but actress Mona Monyane has just told us otherwise through her series of Twitter rant.

Now, if you have been craving to live your life in the spotlight, you might want to ready your mind with what the actress has to say.

The Muvhango star has been in the local entertainment industry long enough to know what gives.

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Thus, she has decided to let us in on a few “truths” about the life behind the fame. According to Mona, the life most popular people present to the world is nothing but a facade.

The actress took to Twitter on Sunday to launched a scathing attack on the industry and the way it treats actors. To her, it would have been more profitable to choose a career in another field. This is because of the lack of security in the entertainment industry.

Mona lamented that the industry does not take care of its own. “No medical aid, no maternity leave pay, no warning as to when work may just dry up for you.” Thus, you are entirely on your own as you strive to keep up the charade.

She’s probably talking out of her experience as an actress. Mona Monyane gave birth recently. She admitted that it is a risk to start a family while employed as an actor because “getting back (into the industry) may be very hard“.

Apparently, when people see you on TV, they quickly jump to the conclusion that you are swimming in money. However, in reality, a lot of our celebrities are underpaid.

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The tweets got people’s attention including some popular SA actors‚ including Kgomotso Christopher; Florence Masebe; Rami Chuene and Lesley Musina. Leslie labeled being an SA actor the “worst career” in the entertainment industry.