Brenda Ngxoli Shares The Hidden Treasures In The Rural Areas


Award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli is living her dream life in her rural hometown in Xolobe in Tsomo‚ Eastern Cape and she’s loving it.

Brenda took the bold step a few years ago when she ditched the hustling and bustling city life and moved to her rural home.

While a lot of young people see nothing good coming out of the rural areas because of the lack of employment opportunities, the actress saw a gold mine.

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Various reasons such as poor economic conditions and low standard of living in villages are responsible for the mass exodus from the rural to the urban areas.

Nevertheless, Brenda decided to do things differently, by investing in a farmhouse a few years ago and from all indications, she’s making things happen.

Why She Did It

You wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that the actress moved to her village because her career has crashed. Sorry to disappoint but she had other reasons one of which is seeking tranquility.

“When I moved to ‘lalis’ (rural areas) full time‚ a local tabloid said ‘ndiwile’ (I was down and out). I knew I had a vision of how I wanted my mornings to be – tranquil‚” the actress said in an interview.

“I don’t judge‚ but I knew I didn’t want to pay rent and chase auditions for the rest of my life. Who was going to give me a bond as a freelancer?” she added.

Implies one way…mbotyi thanga !

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Now, don’t get the young lady wrong. She still loves her career as an actress and still travels for shoots whenever she’s called upon. However, for actress Brenda Ngxoli, the best thing that has happened to her life is having to wake up to the sound of birds singing happily; making homemade bread; milking her cattle; growing her own vegetables. She’s also enjoying the breath of fresh, unpolluted air unlike what the cities have to offer.