So Sweet! Actor Atandwa Kani Tattoos Wife’s Name On His Back, See Photo


Actor Atandwa Kani has shown us what it feels like to be in love with that special person whom you think of more than you breathe.

Sometimes love can be overwhelming and you just feel like you want to go the extra mile to show how you feel.

We all know that Atandwa is head-over-heels in love with his wife Fikile Mthwalo. But, he took it to another level recently when he got Fiks’ name inked on his back. Apparently, words weren’t enough to express his feelings…

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While we might see the gesture as the sweetest thing we have seen all year, some people might object to it. Nonetheless, Atandwa does not care what people think and you can be certain he’s not going to start caring now.

In fact, actor Atandwa Kani has made it clear that he’s got his eyes on haters and he is not leaving any stone unturned in tackling his haters head-on.

In his Twitter brawl last month, Atandwa did not mince words in telling a troll to buzz off for saying he keeps “too many gay friends”. The It’s Complicated star took to Twitter to make it clear that he doesn’t live his life to please anyone. Besides, he is not going to entertain being questioned about the sexuality of the friends he keeps.

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Thus, the troll got more than he bargained for when Atandwa called him out for questioning the kind of company he keeps. “Atandwa Kani hangs out with so many gays ko Great Dane,” the tweeter user wrote. As a result, Atandwa sprang into action, guns blazing and tagged the question “bulls**t”.

So, if you are thinking of judging his love-struck action on his back, you better think twice.