You Won’t Believe Why #RhodesMustFall Activist Chumani Maxwele Was Arrested Outside Parliament


Rhodes Must Fall activist Chumani Maxwele has been arrested. The political activist, who is best known for his involvement in Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall was arrested outside Parliament on Thursday after he showed support and identified with a group of pensioners demanding for their outstanding funds.

However, according to Western Cape police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut, the 32-year-old activist was arrested for alleged incitement to commit a crime but Traut failed to comment further on the nature of the alleged incitement.

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Before his arrest, Chumani Maxwele asserted that the pensioners who have been patiently waiting for the past three weeks would be forced to barricade Parliament entry gates until they get settled.

Following his arrest, the political activist took to social media and posted on his Facebook timeline saying;

“I have been arrested by the police in front of Parliament for talking with elderly people who are now in front of Parliament asking for their money that they worked for during apartheid government. I am in the central police station Cape Town. ?#‎MoneyForOurParentNow.”

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the precinct’s parking garage, the elderly men were seen sitting on the ground while another group gathered around the steps, thereby closing the the visitors’ centre.

Speaking to reporters, the group’s representative, Michael Matshaye expressed sadness for not receiving their money on Thursday as expected. He said the payment was in terms of an agreement with Parliament signed on April 20. The representative however disclosed that they might take the case to Constitutional Court and that the group will be meeting with a lawyer on Thursday afternoon.

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Speaking also, 85-year-old Milton Maweni from East London, said “The money goes back to 1959 and we didn’t get it yet.”

The disgruntled pensioners made it clear that they will not leave the arena until they receive deposit alert on their phones.