Coalition In Western Cape: Active United Front Finally Abandons The ANC


Active United Front Abandons ANC: The Mayor of the Bitou Municipality in Plettenberg Bay, in Western Cape, Peter Lobese has severed ties with the African National Congress (ANC), according to reports.

Lobese, along with his party, the Active United Front (AUF), pulled out of the coalition following several months of an antagonistic relationship with the ruling party in the region.

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The AUF and ANC in Bitou went into a coalition since last year’s local government elections after the DA failed to secure an outright majority in the municipality, despite receiving the majority of votes.

The DA received 48.58% of the votes which gave the party six seats in the council. The African National Congress (ANC) received 40.99% of the support, also giving it six seats, while the Active United Front (AUF) managed 5.36% of the votes for the final seat.

In a press release on Wednesday morning, Mayor Lobese claimed that the AUF and ANC have not been getting along, among other issues.

He, however, stressed that one of the reasons why they are walking away from the coalition is because of President Jacob Zuma’s recent cabinet reshuffle that has shoved the country into chaos.

Active United Front Mayor Condemns Cabinet Reshuffle

Particularly, the mayor mentioned that the dismissal of former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas has since not only taken its toll on South Africa’s economy, which has been downgraded to junk status by Standard & Poor but has also led to a nationwide call for all citizens to take a stand against the unpopular president.

Lobese alleged that since the coalition was formed, the African National Congress has continued to thwart efforts to establish a clean administration and address the difficulties faced by Bitou residents.

Active United Front member and Bitou mayor

He, therefore, enjoined well-meaning South Africans to resist Zuma’s continuous leadership, pleading with parties who are in coalition with the ANC to pull out.

“I join the rest of South Africans home and abroad who are troubled and pained by this ‘rogue’ President to make the point that our country cannot afford this him and nothing must be done to assist him to continue being in office even for one day, this include calling all parties like the AUF who are in coalition with the ANC in various municipalities to act in solidarity with the rest of South Africans and pull out of these coalitions. So we shall do.”

Earlier today, the ANC announced during a post-ANC National Working Committee media briefing that the party now accepts that President Jacob Zuma removed Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister because of an irretrievable breakdown in their relationship.

Answering questions in Luthuli House, the ANC secretary-general said calls by the opposition for Zuma’s removal is baseless because “no army allows its soldiers to be commanded by the enemy’s general”.

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The spin doctor said the ANC NWC reflected on calls by the South African Communist Party and Congress of South African Trade Unions for the president to resign and will now engage with members of the organizations.

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