White Supremacists Behind Chaotic Students Protests – ACN Youth League


The African National Congress Youth League has accused South African White Supremacists of funding student protests and violence in the country. ANCYL convener for the Dullah Omar region Unathi Tshatwana made this known at a press conference on Sunday.

Not only that, Tshatwana also blamed the white supremacists for the famous #FeesMustFall protest recently carried out by students. He further said that the white supremacists enjoy such sights because they feel that South Africans are not civilized enough to handle the affairs of the country.

“White supremacists are the third force behind this. They enjoy the strikes and disruptions because they think we can’t govern and keep things civilized.” said Tshatwana

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Moving on, ANCYL convener said that the league is ready to do everything in its power to promote education in the country.

“The ANC Youth League is the champion of education. If university management can’t protect students, they must call us. We don’t want to be paid. We can’t allow institutions to be destabilized”.

He further condemned the actions of the white supremacists maintaining that these “imperialists” deliberately use students to destroy institutions and educational properties. He also feels that the whites resorted to this medium in order to push their feelings about South Africa to the forefront “while their children are studying overseas.”

Tshatwana said “I have never seen a march where students are given money, food and paid to march against an institution.” “They were using students and their protests to vandalise institutions.

“Students can’t be allowed to be destructive and stand in the way of others trying to complete their studies”, Tshatwana emphasized.

“We condemn the burning of libraries. Where must students study if they are burning it? Where must students live if they are burning residences? We must take action”.

It would be remembered that around October 2015, three universities were shutdown following protests by students. The protesting students demanded for qualitative-free education following a 2% increase in tuition fees.  The protest started at Wits University while the University of Cape Town and the University of Western Cape followed suit. These protests were described as the wildest since the end of apartheid regime in 1994. The protests however continued irrespective of Zuma’s promise to slash out increases.

Reports said that it was obvious that the protesting students want something beyond the reduction of fees. In other words, there were tell-tale signs that they were demanding prompt actions on issues like racial inequality and so on. In fact, one of their most popular placards read “Our parents were made promises in 1994. We’re just here for the refund.”

whites fueled students protest say ANCYL

Meanwhile on Sunday, the league held a meeting at a Cape Town Hotel with various students leadership bodies from universities. Speaking about the meeting, The South African Students Congress (SASCO) president Molija Thabo said that the meeting was convened in order to “unpack practically, the decisions made by the department of education and ANC NEC education sub-committee and other government formations, on the lingering student concerns, what those decisions mean for students with regards to student registration, historic debt, current year’s financial obligations and the broader question of university access.”

Also, to deliberate on challenges facing the “missing middle”. “Missing middle” refers to those who failed to qualify for NSFAS funding (students bursaries) but couldn’t also afford fees for university fees.