ACDP Leader Says Zuma Is A Burden To South Africa


The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe has called on President Jacob Zuma to honourably step down because he is not an asset to South Africa.

Rev. Meshoe based his argument on President Zuma’s perceived weak decisions – including “irrational firing of our well-respected former Finance Minister‚ Mr Nene‚ in December”. Hence, matters pertaining to the country’s economy has never been above board.

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Furthermore, Meshoe, like every other opponent criticized the president for throwing out former finance minister and replacing him with a virtually unknown person. He mainatined that Zuma’s decision to axe Mr. Nene was so weak and dangerous because “this caused huge damage in investor confidence‚ the rand to tumble and significant losses on the stock exchange and bond markets,” Meshoe maintained.

Pulling in Nkandla’s case, Meshoe maintained that President Zuma’s decision to neglect public protector Thuli’s recommendation has brought the president and the country as a whole to a bad light. He reiterated that “the President’s dramatic about-face on the Nkandla debacle‚ is an embarrassment to all those ANC MPs who served on the ad hoc committees and cabinet members‚ such as the Minister of Police‚ who‚ in trying to defend the Nkandla expenditure‚ undermined the Public Protector report and tried‚ at every turn‚ to protect the President from having to repay anything.”

“These serious matters have deeply tarnished the President’s credibility. They raise questions about the advice he is receiving and his ability to hold the highest office in the land.”

“How can he expect to be trusted‚ even by his own cabinet‚ as a result? How will he restore the confidence of this House‚ his supporters‚ and potential investors?,” Meshoe argued.

The leader opined that ACDP welcomed Zuma’s decision to resuscitate the country’s economy following a recent discussions with some of the leading CEOs of the business community. But that notwithstanding, Zuma has pushed the country’s economy to an uncomfortable corner because of his poor decisions.

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has queue up with other political parties, who wish to see president Zuma vacate the presidential seat. Yesterday, while speaking during the debate, The leaders of the ACDP, Kenneth Meshoe, and FF-plus Pieter Mulder, called on ANC to lead by example in the fight against racism in the country.

Last week, a member of the party Steve Swart said President Jacob Zuma failed to address the current drought crisis during his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

“We are also concerned as to whether the government has the capacity to import the 3 million tons of food that will be required as a result of the drought and of course the escalating costs of food,” said Swart.

However, all eyes will this afternoon be on President Jacob Zuma as he is expected to respond to the two day-long State of the Nation Address (Sona) debate, wherein opposition parties poured out their minds on the state of the country.

Zuma has been under strong criticism with the major opposition parties labeling him an “illegitimate” leader, who has long turned his back on the country.

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