ABSA Online – Internet Banking, Contact Details and How To Avoid Scams

Banking has since moved from the banking halls to the internet. You can virtually do everything you would in the banking halls from the comfort of your home. Absa is not left out here with their highly efficient and reliable Absa online banking services.

ABSA Internet Banking

With Absa Online, you can apply for an account, change account names, configure your NotifyMe settings and ensure you receive your eStatements – all by simply clicking a button either on your laptop, phone or any other electronic device.

To begin banking with ABSA from the comfort of your room simply visit ABSAonline at www.absa.co.za to begin or download ABSA app from Play store.

How To Avoid Scams

Arguably, the goodness of internet banking has been impaired by fraudulent schemes. Fraudsters have infiltrated the electronic breakthrough in the banking sector. And, like other banks’ internet platforms, Absa online is a home where most of the swindlers can lurk, quite literally, as quick-profit demons. 

Recently, Absa warned that fraudsters are sending ‘FICA request’ to customers. While the emails were like they were truly been sent by Absa, they were designed to get Absa customers enter their login details.

This is just one of the many phishing scams Absa online is facing. Here’s how it generally works:

The swindlers send out emails claiming to be from Absa. It’s always difficult to identify the emails are fake. They come with Absa logo, its corporate colours and everything Absa.

Usually, the email will claim that your account has been blocked, offering a link to click to unblock the account. The link will lead to a fake Absa website that looks like the real one. Whatever information you offer on the site will only ensure you’re being swindled.

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Other Scams You Might Encounter On ABSA Online

1. SIM Swapping 

In some online banking fraudulent cases, it was discovered that fraudsters transferred money from customers account after they got a copy of the customers’ identity document and performed an illegitimate SIM swap with the customers’ cellphone service provider.

With that, the swindlers will receive all the messages intended for the customers, including banking notifications and approval SMS’s the bank sends to customers.

2. SIM Porting Scams 

For porting scams, the fraudsters port customers’ from their cell phone service provider to another.

Thereafter, they will gain access to the customers’ messages, including the approval SMS’s from their bank. Once they have tricked the customers into sharing their personal and account details, it’s their lucky day. They’ll transfer money from their accounts as much as they can.

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To avoid this, don’t confirm or ignore any transfer to another service provider you didn’t authorise.

3. Card Skimming

You can only be a victim of card skimming if a fraudster has direct access to your card or, has attached a device that will capture your data to the slot of an ATM.

Essentially, card skimming occurs while you are making a payment or withdrawal. To avoid this, the general rule is to watch your card while making a transaction and checking out your bank statement thereafter.

If you spot any irregular transaction, report it immediately to the bank.

Safety Tips

Absa regard this as the 5-point check and, it’s highly helpful

  1. Absa will never address you as Dear Client/Customer but always by your name.
  2. The URL (web address) must start with “https”. The “s” indicates that it is a secure website.
  3. Absa will never ask you to enter your entire password on its secure website; you will be asked to enter 3 random characters of your password.
  4. You must be suspicious if the process to conduct a transaction differs from the normal process.
  5. Read your RVN, TVN and SureCheck messages in detail when you receive them.

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Other Things You Must Do To Ensure The Security Of Your Account While Using Absa Online

This is more like a general requirement for using any form of internet banking not just Absa online. You can ensure the safety of your account by observing the following:

  1. Avoid saving your passwords and pins on your mobile device.
  2. Ensure you log out of the internet banking platform each time you use it.
  3. Install antivirus software on your PC and scan the device regularly.
  4. Be sceptical about using public wifi or hotspots for your internet banking transactions.
  5.  Use the lock screen security provision on your phone and tablets. (Password and pin are generally more secure than other lock screen options).
  6. When your phone is stolen or misplaced, quickly disable your access to internet banking. For Absa Online, you can do this under your profile.
  7. Endeavour to shut down your wifi and data connection when it’s not in use
  8. Make sure you are in possession of your mobile device while your internet banking profile is open on another device.

Contact Details

You can contact ABSA by sending an email to [email protected] or simply calling any of the following lines

How To Convert South African Rand To Euro

For General Enquiries

International Travel

Internet Banking

Lost and Stolen Cards

Western Union

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